More Gun Craziness

Guns seem to be the theme of the day for me today. I don’t know why, but maybe it is because I have now read three crazy ass gun stories in the past hour. The first two can be found in the post below this one. But here’s a doozy of one that kind of proves my point about how guns should not be allowed on college campuses anywhere (not just in Michigan).

The Story

All right, so this guy in Boise Idaho,Challis McAffee, the Republican Party chairman of Boise County, was photographing a house whose owner was delinquent on the mortgage. He was doing his job as a contractor for Wells Fargo. When the homeowner came out to ask what was going on (why was the man taking photographs of his house?–seems like a reasonable question for a homeowner to ask).

A verbal confrontation ensued and ended with McAffee pulling a .357 magnum on the homeowner in an attempt to “de-escalate” the confrontation. I guess it worked because apparently the homeowner went inside, called the police, and McAffee was later arrested by the police for his actions.

This is just insane though. There does not seem to be any reason why McAffee had to pull his gun. The homeowner was unarmed and acting within his rights to question somebody on his property. Sure, he may have been hostile, but at the moment it does not appear that he layed hands on McAffee or demonstrated any intent to harm him. He did smack the window of McAffee’s vehicle, so I suppose that could be considered intent to harm, but in the same manner as me stomping my foot and shouting at someone I am in an argument with.

Still, McAffee thought the right and prudent thing to do was to pull his gun and point it at the person on whose property he was trespassing. I guess  the homeowner is lucky that he was not the one taking photographs of McAffee’s house because there is a real possibility that Challis would have shot him for being on his property without permission, and then asked him why he was there.

I know there is no evidence for that claim, but if the man was willing to pull his gun on, and point it at, a man on his own property, it is not much of a stretch to think that McAffee would have any compunctions about shooting first if someone were trespassing on his property.

I assume that McAffee had a legal permit and right to carry the weapons since he was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, without the additional charge of carrying and illegally concealed firearm. And again, this speaks to my thoughts in the post about guns below this one, in fact it is a nice illustration about my point of how rational people sometimes act irrationally–and McAffee wasn’t even drunk. Imagine if he had been, or if he had been a little less reasonable and had actually fired the weapon.

Thankfully he did not and no one was hurt, but acts like this do not help the argument that only responsible and vetted people are issued concealed weapons permits, and thus they know how to handle themselves and guns, as well as the two of them together. Even responsible, clear minded people lose it some times, and if they happen to have a gun they could prove a major danger to the people around them.


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