It can’t be true OR Please God No!

So some annoying  douchebag is reporting via his vlog, or at least what I suppose is a vlog since it is a video of him addressing “the Internet”, that some other source is reporting that Christopher Nolan wants Megan Fox to play Catwoman in his third Batman installment: “Jumping the Shark.”

My distaste for Ms. Fox has not been well documented on this blog, though I did have that one post about how I wished she would stop posing for pictures with her mouth half open. Actually, I cannot really comment on whether or not she has any acting ability (but hey, she was in the Transformers movies, so the chances that she is nothing but a pretty face are pretty good) because I have not watched a single movie with her in it. Still, with the caliber of actors that have appeared in the new Batman franchise…Morgan Freeman, Rutger Hauer, Gary Oldman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Nesson, Heath Ledger…Fox seems like a poor choice, only chosen because she would “look hot in leather.”. Hell, the woman cannot even pose for a picture without looking like a deadbrain, and there is (possible) consideration that she would be playing one of the more interesting characters in the Batman canon.

I have no doubt that Fox would look good in the Catwoman costume, but how she looks is not as important to me as how she acts. Michelle Pfeifer was excellent as Catwoman, for two reasons. 1: She was sexy as hell in that vinyl/latex getup. and 2: More importantly, she put in a good performance as the insecure yet vicious villainess. But then again, Pfeifer is a bona fide actress, and not just another dime a dozen “it girl.” Like I said, I cannot really comment on whether or not Fox can act, but I will make a completely unfounded, and yet somehow still educated guess and say that she can’t.

Of course this whole thing is a rumor, and hopefully has no weight behind it. But anything is possible, especially considering that Scarlet Johansson has been cast to play a Russian Ballerina (the Black Widow) in the upcoming Iron Man sequel. Shudder.


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