When did the Obama Administration become so Dangerous?

There is a video on Rawstory that shows footage from a town hall meeting with Michell Bachmann. In the video a man with “conservative Christian values” expresses concerns that the Obama administration will not leave office. That’s right this man, who explains that he is not a freak or a right wing nutcase is scared that “they” will not leave the White House.

Bachmann takes this sentiment one step further and starts talking about freedom and how it is threatened by the current administration, especially because of their proposed Health Care reform.

Now I know that Obama, for some reason, is being seen as a communist, a socialist, a fascist, (did I leave anything out?), but to think that his administration will not leave office when the time comes is pure stupidity and wackoness. This is America, and the people (left, right, center) will not stand for a government that refuses to relinquish power when the time comes. We are a nation of constitutional law (even though that has been trampled on by the previous administration and continues to be by the current one) and elected officials. There are too many nuts (and non nuts) with guns out there that would not accept a tyrannical government (which is what a government that refuses to step down is).

I wonder where this fear of the current administration comes from. Is it from people like Limbaugh and Beck and Palin and Bachmann and Buchannon? Is it due to the color of his skin? Is it because the administration is different (as in it is not Bush) and we as a country are having a hard time adapting to the new leadership? I don’t know, but I really wish that I (or someone) did. That might make it easier to get to the root of the problem and start having a discussion that did not rely on fearmongering and hatemongering tactics.

I cannot understand this man’s concern, try as I might. Sure, he is a conservative and he does not like the fact that he thinks the Obama administration is going to turn the country into some new form of the USSR, socialize everything, kill grandmas and babies, and wield power til the day he dies, but he is way off base. He is behaving as a reactionary chicken little running around yelling that the sky is falling and that our freedoms will be taken away because the Obama administration will not accept a legal election and abide by our nation’s laws.

I remember in November, before the election, that there was some talk of the Bush administration not stepping down because we were a nation at war and a change of leadership would send the wrong message to our enemies (or something like that). I did not buy into that obvious lie and fear mongering, just like I am not going to buy into this ridiculous hypothesis that Obama will be so drunk on power that he will refute the constitution and the American people and stay in office as long as he wants.

I am glad this man spoke out because he has that right, and he is exposing just how off the deep end some of the American people have gone. We are terrified of everyhting right now, seemingly even moreso than in the days right after 9/11. We are scared of the government, scared of health care reform, scared of illegal immigrants and swine flu and atheists and Muslims (not just the fanatical ones, either) Jews, the list goes on and on.

When we are as ruled by fear as we are (and we are, just look at the past eight years and the past eight months or so) rational thought and discourse becomes impossible. What should be a civilized and civil conversation about the issues facing the nation becomes nothing more than a screaming match filled with misinformation and outright lies. This is no way to conduct a conversation. In fact, it is impossible to conduct a conversation under these circumstances because as I tell my students, a conversation requires listening as well as talking, and right now nobody is listening.

I’m sure I am guilty of turning a deaf ear as well. Hell, I did in this post: I called the man concerned about the direction of this country a wacko and a fear monger. I am sorry for calling him names, but that does not change the fact that I think he is off base. He probably is not a wacko, and I apologize for labeling him so, but he should apologize for making such fear filled comments without any facts or evidence to support them. Obama has not even been president for a year yet, and already he is being hailed as the Grim Reaper of America. Under Obama, the America we once knew and loved is no more.

Well, of course that is bull. America is still America. We still have our constitution (battered and bruised as it is thanks in large part to G.W. Bush and Obama to a lesser extent) our elected officials, and our country. Nobody is taking it away from us (except maybe the Chinese because we owe them so much money). It is time that we as a country take a breath and once again start trying to have a real, rational, and meaningful conversation without the skewed fact, outright lies, and fear. We would all be better off if we were able to do so.


One comment on “When did the Obama Administration become so Dangerous?

  1. Elizaeth Maderos says:

    I am trying to figure this out myself. What is wrong with people? Why don’t we have a civilised conversation, especially about health care. The Democrats and the Republicans in Washington only care about big business and maybe it is okay if we, the people, insist that health care where everyone has a place in the conversation. America actually is a great country and we need to remember that we have a heart. We can figure out how to equitably pay for and use and control costs on health care. We can do this. We need to stop being afraid and move forward to find solutions by looking at what is and is not working in other countries. Capitalism is a good system to a point but who is going to protect us from the greed and the lies and the abuses of big business if we do not insist that there be some limits to the power of corporations.

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