Healthcare lie #3004

A few days ago I read an article that reported a Republican mailer going out that claims: Republicans will not get health care if there is health care reform because the Democrats will not give care to political adversaries.

The author of this article is right when he calls is shameless and irresponsible. But, this is what the Republicans have been up to for a while now. Make a crazy, unsubstantiated and obviously untrue claim, spread that claim and refuse to apologize or take it back all the while continuing to perpetuate it.

It is ridiculous to think that anyone would be excluded from any government help because of their political affiliation. Not only is it ridiculous, but it is moronic. This is still America, and every single one of America’s citizens have inalienable rights, regardless of creed, religious or political affiliation, so to scream about how one party will exclude another party from government services is simply a lie. There is no way to spin it otherwise.

But the truth doesn’t matter in this day and age. Well, it doesn’t matter as much as sensationalism and reactionary-ism. I mean, why bother with the truth when you can just spread venomous lies and get the people worked up with fear and anxiety. Tell old people that the government wants to form death panels to kill them. Tell parents of disabled children that the government will decide to let their children die because they cannot contribute to society, and tell a political party (in this case the Republicans) that if health care reform happens under this administration then ALL Republicans will be denied health care.

It does not matter that none of the above statements are true, even in the slightest. What does matter is that they scare people, and when people are scared they do not think rationally and they will go with however they perceive as being able to protect them. This explains how we got stuck with George W. Bush for eight years instead of the four that should have been (well it really should have been none, but there is no way to turn back the clock on the 2000 election so we were stuck with him for at least for years, unfortunately).

But what really gets me, aside from the unabashed and shameless lying, is that the Republicans seem to be the party that would actually do these types of things (or at least try to). After all, they are the party of free-market enterprise, and it was George Bush, not Barack Obama, who would not allow anyone who didn’t support him into the room at his rallies. The Republicans constantly discriminate and put forth the “if you’re not with us you’re against us” attitude. It makes more sense to me that the elephants would be the ones more likely to attempt to institute death panels and a policy of exclusion due to political affiliation.

Of course, even if they were in power and attempted to do such a thing, it would not happen. As I said, this is America, and no one would stand for such a large group being excluded from a basic governmental service. I do find it interesting though that the Republicans are the ones who seem more likely to do these types of things and that they are the ones making so much noise about the dangers of government. What was it that Shakespeare wrote?

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”


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