65 year old Anti-Health Care Reformist loses finger

For the full story (or at least as full as it is at the moment) go here

This is wrong on so many levels, though I will only explore a few of them in this post.

Level one: The dude is 65, why is he against health care reform? Is it because he believes the “death panel/rationed care/Obama hates the elderly” bunk that is being spread around? Is he afraid that if we have reform that his medicare benefits will cease (to be fair I do not know if he is on medicare, but since he is an older gentleman the answer is probably yes)?

Level two: Why was there a fight in the first place? I know tensions about health care reform are running high on both sides, but that is no excuse for starting a physical altercation. It does not matter who started it, what matters is that it started and it shouldn’t have. This is America, and people have the right to free speech, but what’s the old saying about free speech? I don’t remember exactly but it goes something like this: your freedom of speech ends where mine begins, meaning that we are both free to say what we want as long as we are not hurting/acting violent towards others.

The pro-reform guy walked through an anti-reform rally to get to the pro side, so what? He has every right to walk where he wants (as long as it is public property, which it was) without being physically accosted, or physically accosting anyone else for that matter.

Level three: The irony of it all. The man had his finger bitten off, so I’m assuming he had to go to the emergency room for which he or someone (medicare, insurance, us taxpayers) most likely had to pay lots and lots of dollars to tend to the damage. I don’t know if the finger was sewn back on, but the fact remains that he was in need of medical attention and he most likely got it. And somebody (probably the government because the man is 65) paid for it. Does the man not see the irony in this?

Level four: The inability of people to be civil to each other and have a real discussion rather than a shoving, punching, finger biting off altercation. There is no reason that this should have happened, and it could have been easily avoided if the participants had chosen the path of reason over the path of emotion, but like so many people in America (or at least the ones on the news and writing hate and terror speech filled articles, blogs, etc…) they chose to behave like ten year olds arguing over who gets the front seat. They resorted to violence. Am I surprised? Not really (and that thought scares me), but I am appalled. Just because our current President and our former President seem to think that violence can solve all of our problems does not mean it will. In fact, it just creates more problems and perpetuates itself, and it is time for us to just say enough and either have a civil conversation about this and other topics or just shut the hell up.


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