Gene Wilder Speaks the truth

Back before Obama was President, there were certain comparisons to him and the character of Cleavon Little from Blazing Saddles. The clip below, I think, speaks perfectly to the current attitudes that some people (tea-baggers, birthers, etc…) hold today, especially in light of Joe Wilsons’ comments during the President’s speech last night. In fact, I think if he could have gotten away with it, he would have quoted the old lady exactly. That is basically what he did, just in a politically correct (sort of) fashion.


2 comments on “Gene Wilder Speaks the truth

  1. thias says:

    a black sheriff!

    but seriously… Even though it was rude, and not really the way congress treats the president, i don’t really get what the big deal is about.

    • I think the big deal is two things: One, that it happened while the President was giving a speech (so it was rude) and no matter how one feels about the actual person in the office, there should be some decorum and respect given to the Office of the Presidency.
      Two, and more importantly, Wilson was the liar when he called Obama a liar. The health care bill in the House does NOT provide for gov assisted care for illegal immigrants. In fact his has explicit language that says just that. So the big deal, in my opinion, is that lies are still being spread, only this time the President’s address to the nation was the pulpit instead of just some talk show on Fox or MSNBC.

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