How to pay for health care

End the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Sure, the money saved there might not be enough to cover everyone, but it would be a hell of a good start, especially considering we have already spent billions of dollars on them and they really show no signs of stopping. Sure, for a while there it looked like we might be able to finally get out of Iraq, but with recent bombings and attacks, chances are the Obama administration (the one that promised during the campaign that he would get us out of Iraq) is going to decide that we have to stay there longer, or at least until we are sure stability has been achieved.

Balls to that! It is time for the American people to demand that these wars end, that our troops come home, and that we stop spending money on dealing death and imperialism to other countries.

To all of you who are crying about Obama’s spending, and how “health care reform” and bailouts will bankrupt this country’s future I say start focusing on what is already bankrupting this country, right now. Iraq and Afghanistan. It is time to bring our boys and girls home and stop spending copious amounts of cash on these two quagmires.


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