The Cheechoo Train has left the San Jose station

Jonathan Cheechoo and Milan Michalek have been traded to the Ottawa Senators, along with a second round draft pick. What did the Sharks get in return? Dany Heatley and a fifth round draft pick.

I for one am sad to see Cheechoo and Michalek go. I know that Cheech has struggled since he won the Rocket Richard award a few seasons ago, but I think that was mainly due to injuries (and the fact that teams got wise to him so they were able to cut off those sweet feeds from Thornton). Michalek is a young player with lots of potential. He can be a little inconsistent at times, but overall I think he was a solid player for San Jose during his time there (and he’s Czech, and since I’m in the Czech Republic it was nice to have a “hometown” boy to root for on my team).

I do not know much about this Heatley character (I love hockey, but I mostly just follow the Sharks and the West), but he seems solid on paper. Multiple 20+ goal seasons and a trip or two to the playoffs. Let just hope that he can mesh with the team and become a meaningful addition to the team, not like when they picked up Bill Guerin, who should have been an awesome addition but wasn’t due to chemistry or something.

Anyway, hockey season starts soon (18 days) and I cannot wait to see/hear the Sharks this year. I hope they have as good a regular season and an awesome post season (not like last season’s elimination in the first round to the eighth seeded team).

Best of luck to Cheechoo and Michalek.


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