Your employer based health care is not safe

An interesting article from Slate on this health care business.

It is appalling to me to think about how employers are going to keep health care costs from rising by shifting more of the costs to their employees or by reducing their health coverage plans. To me, this really does nothing to keep the cost of care down. Sure, it means less money paid by the employer (so I guess that could be construed as keeping costs down), but somehow I do not think that is what most people mean when they say that they want the cost of care to be lower.

See, to me, lowering the cost of health care means lowering it for the individual, not the employer that provides the means to that insurance. A matter of semantics? Not really because it is the individuals who will be paying more and need the most help. Already they are at the mercy of their insurance companies and employers who can make changes in care and coverage on a whim, and this kind of behavior just makes them even more so.


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