Running out of bullets

Apparently there is a bullet shortage in the United States right now, and now matter how hard they try, bullet makers just can’t keep up with the demand. When I first read this headline I was somewhat surprised–for me bullets aren’t something that I think of encountering a shortage, but then I am not a gun owner or enthusiast so this is something that I’ve never had to think about/be affected by–but then I thought about it for a moment, and came to the conclusion that of course there is a bullet shortage in the US. After all, Americans have been buying a lot of guns recently, and they need ammunition for those things.

Then I read the article, and had my hypothesis confirmed.

Now, I have nothing against people owning guns–it is their right as American citizens–but I am in favor of strict gun regulation, and I am sickened by the fact that Obama signed the bill allowing loaded weapons in National parks. Having grown up near Yosemite I can say that there are plenty of places where a gun could be fired and no one would hear it except maybe the shooter and the target. I do not mean to imply that allowing loaded guns in National parks will suddenly lead to murders in National parks, but the possibility is there (as it was there before this legislation was signed into effect) and the chances for gun violence in National parks might actually increase because now people will have loaded weapons with them as they are supposed to be out enjoying nature. Also, it could increase the instances of poaching because by definition National parks are vast stretches of land that cannot be fully patrolled–they are just too big–they are full of wildlife, and I would not put it past some hunter(s) to head out into the woods and poach their dinner. Again, this kind of thing could have happened before the legislation, but it just got a little easier.

The thing that I do have a problem with, though, is the reason why Americans are buying more guns and ammunition. Fear. Plain and simple. Fear is the only reason gun and bullet sales have increased a shit ton in the past year. And what are they afraid of? Obama and his liberal fascist allies passing anti-gun laws and stripping Americans of their rights. Now, I don’t particularly trust the government (ANY government), but I am willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. For example, since Obama has not made any move to further regulate guns it is clear to me that there is nothing to fear as far as our 2nd Amendment right goes. And what if Obama did pass anti-gun legislation? If it were to be as sweeping and all powerful as some of these folks fear, wouldn’t he make owning previously bought firearms illegal as well? And if he did that, wouldn’t all these folks have to turn in their newly purchased firearms or face becoming fugitives from the law?

And of course, if he did try to enact such legislation it would not pass, even with the Dem majority in the House and the Senate. Americans love their guns too much, and I would be willing to bet that there are enough people in both parties who would take the side of their gun loving constituents over the President. Hell, in the health care debate Senators and Representatives are taking the side of the angry crazy people who prefer shouting to discussing, and that’s just health care. For some reason, it seems to me anyway, that Americans are more concerned/care more about the right to gun ownership than providing adequate medical insurance to the nations 35 million or so uninsured.

So my point is that these people have nothing to fear. Obama is not going to squash their gun ownership rights, nor could he if he wanted because opposition in the House and Senate would be too strong. But hey, if these folks want to waste their money on firearms and bullets, who am I to say anything?


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