Back at School

So I started my third semester teaching here at the Technical University of Liberec today, and I must say it was not too bad. I only had to teach two classes, and they went easily and quickly. Since it is the first day of the semester, the classes consisted of introductions and reading over the syllabi. Nothing too strenuous.

If I could judge how the semester will go based on today, then I would say that it will be easy and problem free. Unfortunately I know that not to be the case, as I will have to teach academic writing to a group of second year students–something that will be interesting but that I am not really looking forward to. Also, I have two classes on Friday afternoons that are going to be a lot of work. I taught them (well one of them, but they are the same class there just happens to be two sections this semester) last semester, and I did not enjoy them at all. They consist of running a marathon through the textbook and not stopping except for tests which are supposed to evaluate how much information the students are retaining. It is a lot of hard and intense work, and I kind of resent having to teach them.

Oh well, with jobs, like life, one must take the good with the bad.


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