Firearms at Fundraisers: GOP candidate wastes bullets

In a previous post I commented on how America is facing a bullet shortage because the demand for firearms (and the things they fire, which are not arms by the way, though that would be sweet. Just imagine bitch-slapping someone from 300 meters) has greatly increased since Barack Obama became President.

Now there is a GoP candidate by the name of Dean Allen (in South Carolina, of course) running for Adjutant General (apparently this office controls the state’s National Guard) that is running an unorthodox campaign in which he holds fundraisers where people can pay 25 dollars for some BBQ and the chance to fire 25 rounds of ammunition from one of four assault rifles. Not to worry, though, before they are given a chance to shoot the weapon, the would be shooters must undergo ten minutes of training with the firearm to make sure that nobody gets hurt. Now ten minutes of training might not sound like a lot of time, but we have to remember that these people probably already have assault weapons of their own and know how to use them, so the ten minute training is really more of a legal formality and a refresher course for those who haven’t fired their automatic weapon in the past week.

To add to the insanity of this whole thing Allen is apparently giving away assault rifles, as indicated by a raffle for an AK-47 held at one of his recent fundraisers. I wonder if the raffle winner had to go through the usual background check/waiting period, or if the raffle allowed the winner to circumvent the law and gain possession immediately. I hope it is the former, but I would not be surprised if it were the latter. After all, anything is possible when politicians are raffling firearms at fundraisers.

Now, I have to admit that while the idea of a bunch of yokels getting together, eating BBQ and shooting off some rounds with an assault weapon is kind of funny in a “I can’t believe this is true” sense, but it is also kind of scary. I mean, can’t these people just go to the shooting range themselves? Why do they have to do this at a political function? If the adage is that we should not mix politics and religion, then maybe we should change it to read, politics and religion should not be mixed with weapons. There is just too much danger of some craziness happening.

But the story does not end with firearms at fundraisers. If that were the case it would be too simple and almost not worth writing about. What makes it even better is the reason Allen gave for holding the fundraiser at a firing range. It was to show his support of the Second Amendment (BIG Surprise there, I mean, really) which he considers to be “the most important.”

This I cannot fathom. Sure, I understand that a lot people out there still live in fear of some shadow government force coming to take them away and put them in camps while the Muslims rape all their women and destroy America, but to use that bat-shit insane paranoia to make the case that the Second Amendment is the most important right Americans have is ridiculous. The First Amendment has been, and always will be, the most important Amendment to the Constitution. It allows us to speak our minds. It allows those tea-baggers to go to town halls and shout and scream whatever they want at whomever  they want. It allowed anti-war protestors to gather and protest. It is the fabric upon which our Democratic Representative Republic is built, and paves the way for the rest of the Amendments, including the Second. Sure, some might argue that we need the Second Amendment to protect the first, and while that might be true in whatever upcoming ultimate disaster scenario that plays in their minds, the simple truth is that guns won’t save the First Amendment, but the First Amendment might be able to save guns in America?

How? you ask. Simple, by using the First Amendment, gun supporters can voice their concern and their wants to the government. Does this mean the government will listen? Of course not, but the fact remains that without the First Amendment, those supporters probably would not be able to legally voice their questions/concerns/wants/and needs. Sure, they could use guns on the police/government officials/whatever, but that would not get them very far. In fact, it would probably just get them in jail or in the ground.

But the best part of this story, for me anyway, is the fact that while America faces a bullet shortage (at home and abroad–though for the time being that crisis seems to be under control) this jack-ass, while running to be the guy that oversees the South Carolina National Guard, is busy letting folks waste ammunition 25 rounds at a time. Now, this number is not enormous by itself, but if even ten people take part in this that equals 250 bullets fired for no reason other than to fire them. I mean, if he was at least taking people hunting and they were shooting at something they could then eat it would be different. Still as waste, but not nearly as big a one. As it stands, though, Allen is just contributing the continuing bullet shortage that threatens to undermine his oh so precious Second Amendment. After all, you can have all the guns you want, but without bullets they are almost worthless.

Finally, I liked it when he said that he wanted all National Guard troops stationed abroad to come home. I thought that this was an intelligent and respectable thing to stay. The National Guard is not meant to take part in overseas actions. It is supposed to be stationed domestically and help with domestic turmoil/tragedies. My pleasure only lasted until the next sentence, though, which explained why Allen wanted the troops back: “so National Guard troops could come home and guard against undocumented immigration.”

That’s right folks, he wants our National Guard boys to come back to America, not because he cares about their lives, but because he wants to use them to make war against illegal immigration. Don’t we have the border patrol for that?


4 comments on “Firearms at Fundraisers: GOP candidate wastes bullets

  1. Pat McCotter says:

    I am going to ask of you what I ask of any journalist/writer/blogger – please go to a gun store and tell the folks there that you are a journalist writing about guns and would like to know what the procedure is to buy a gun. They will be more than happy to talk with you and explain the process. You do not have to buy one, just get educated on the actual process instead of going on what others say about it.

    Ask them if there is a range nearby – they may even have one in the building – where you can learn how to safely use a gun – handgun or rifle or both – and maybe even use the gun.

    Guns are tools. They can be used for good or bad but are neither good nor bad in themselves. Just as a hammer is used to erect a building a gun can be used to feed the hunter’s family. Just as a gun can be used to murder an innocent child a hammer can be put to the same evil purpose.

    Please use your reasoned thinking and writing skills rather than emotions to learn about this subject.

    • I appreciate the comment Pat, but had you actually read the post you would have seen that I don’t speak out against gun ownership. Sure, I call some people crazy because they are fueled by fear (an irrational emotion) of losing their guns when there is absolutely no indication that that is going to happen. The current President just a few months ago signed into law a bill that allows loaded firearms to be carried in our National Parks. Also, if you had carefully read the post instead of leaving some form letter style comment, you would know that while I think the Second Amendment is important, I think that it is ridiculous to claim that it is the most important. And finally, the idea that guns are being used and given away at political rallies rubs me the wrong way, especially when they receive ten minutes of training on how to safely use firearms. It just seems to me to be a dangerous situation.
      As to your point about guns being tools, well to an extent that is true, but they only have one single application and that is to fire a bullet that kills something. Can a hammer be used to kill someone? Of course, but it has other purposes like nailing things in and tearing nails out. A gun shoots bullets, plain and simple. And, it is a lot harder to kill something with a hammer than with a gun, so while I understand the point you are making, I have to say that it is a fallacious one.
      Please read the actual posts before submitting some canned spam comment that you have on standby. I chose to let this comment stand because I believe in the importance of discourse, and I hope that maybe you will come back and respond with a real comment, not just a standard form one.
      Also, I cannot go to a gun store and find these things out right now because I am in the Czech Republic, however I would gladly investigate what it takes to own a gun here if that is something my readers might be interested in.

  2. Pat McCotter says:

    I did read your post.

    If you had read my comment instead of just reacting to someone asking you to be an objective writer – by researching your subject – you would have seen that I was not belittling you. Your comments after that show I don’t need to be so kind.

    Enjoy your time in Europe.

    • I am sorry then, Pat. It did not seem like you were responding to anything in the post itself, but rather just making a general statement concerning objectivity about writing about guns. I did not think you were belittling me, rather, just posting something that could have been applied to almost any post written about firearms, or at least any post that seemed ant-firearms. Sorry for the confusion and if you felt that I was belittling you because that was not my intention. Again, thanks for reading and for the comments.

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