Whatever happened with William Sparkman?

He was the part-time Census worker found dead in Kentucky earlier this month. I have been trying to find out more about the investigation, but the most recent thing I could find was this article from the Washington Post, which does not really give any new information.

Sure, it talks about how authorities have dismissed the suggestion that he was killed because of his job as a Census worker. But that means nothing. Just because they are officially denying it when they speak to the press does not mean that their denial is true and correct. Hell, they even say that to think this happened because of the man’s job is bad for the nation. So, by dismissing the suggestion they could simply be “protecting” the American people from unpleasant knowledge. This happens all the time, actually, and if you don’t think so then I ask you how many casualties from Iraq and Afghanistan have you seen on television?

Anyway, I hope that he was not killed because of his job, but I do wonder why there isn’t more focus on this investigation. Why isn’t there more pressure to find out if he was involved in his duties as a census worker at the time of his death. This is serious business, especially if it comes out that he WAS killed because of his association with the Federal government, and I for one think that there needs to be more investigative attention paid to it, from both those in law enforcement and in the media. An actual, effort filled attempt at getting to the bottom of this terrible mystery is the only way it will get resolved.


4 comments on “Whatever happened with William Sparkman?

  1. Pdub says:

    That is messed up. I’m just hoping its some crazy methhead hating the government for trying to stop him making meth.

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