Hockey Season Starts Tomorrow!

And I am totally excited. Sure, I am still disappointed about the Sharks’ less than stellar performance in last year’s playoffs, and I don’t expect them to have the same stellar regular season this year as they did last year, but I do think they will do well enough to make the playoffs. Once that happens it will  be entirely up to them to prove that they are not the CHOKERS everyone sees them as.

Regardless of how they do this season, it is exciting that Hockey 2009-2010 is about to start.

They play the Colorado Avalanche tomorrow night, and that means I am going to have to stay up late if I want to watch/listen to it (which I do).


3 comments on “Hockey Season Starts Tomorrow!

  1. sharksfan says:

    So if a game is a regular 7:30PM start here in the Bay Area, what time is it there?

  2. sharksfan says:

    wow – that’s early

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