Barbie the movie

One can only hope this idea tanks before it even gets off the ground. I mean, it’s bad enough that we as moviegoers have to sit through the like of GI Joe and Transformers, but at least they had cartoons based on toylines that actually told some kind of story. Not a good one, for sure, but at leat there was some semblance. But Barbie? Barbie has no story line AT all, unless you want to count the fact that she and Ken will forever be denied consummating their love because he has no genitalia (or to be more literal, they would have to be lesbian lovers because he has the same genitalia as she does).

The only way this movie could be mildly entertaining is if they used this as the theme song:

and even then it would be terrible.

Maybe I’m overreacting and this will be the next Legally Blonde, but somehow I doubt it.


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