It is getting harder and harder every day to tell the difference between the two “parties” in American politics because they both seem to be fighting for the same thing: corporate interests and screwing over the majority of American citizens–some nice examples of this have happened just this week.

First there was the failure of the Democrat “super majority” to pass funding for a public health care option. How was this possible? Well, not a single Republican voted for it, and a few Democrats also voted against it. See the thing is, for a majority to work, super or otherwise, you have to vote with the majority. Alas, this did not happen, and the Dems squandered two chances to get  money for a public option–something which most Americans and a lot of Dems want. And then there was the approval of 50 million dollars for abstinence only programs–a Republican idea by the way–because some Democrats decided that it is a good idea not to teach kids about STD’s and how to properly use contraceptives.

And now there is a bill being crafted by Democrats that will allow banks to ignore State regulations in favor of Federal regulations. Now I understand that Federal law takes precedent over State law, but to claim a bill like this is needed to protect consumers from rising costs is disingenuous at best, and an outright falsehood at worst. By allowing banks to circumvent possible stricter State regulations and opt for more lenient Federal ones does nothing to protect consumers or hold banks accountable. Granted, State regulations would not be needed if there were strict and strongly enforced Federal regulations, but the state of our economy (and the world’s for that matter) shows that this just isn’t the case, and  holding banks to both State and Federal regulations is necessary, at least until the Feds get off their asses and start doing the hard work of their job, even if that means pissing off some of their contributors.

Now, I know this probably won’t happen as all politicians in both parties are on the take. They have to be in today’s political arena, otherwise they would not have enough money to run an election. Some of that money comes from hard working, blue collar Americans, but most of it comes from special interest donors that expect the candidate to do what they want, regardless of how the majority of people feel. Sure, we can tell ourselves that we are going to vote for someone else if our guy or gal does not listen to us, and we can do that. But, and there is a big one (so big Sir Mix A Lot would have a field day with it) none of that matters because the next guy or gal that we elected would be more of the same. If you need any proof just look at the current administration:

ObamaCo promised change when they took office, but really nothing has changed. We are still in Iraq and Afghanistan (though there was some good news from Iraq yesterday as apparently the US is expediting the return of 4,000 troops, thought they will probably be sent to Afghanistan), Guantanamo is still open (and we are most likely going to miss the deadline set for closing it because people don’t think Maximum Security penitentiaries can hold those in custody in Cuba), the economy is still in dire straits, and Wall Street is on the rebound because it continues to practice the behavior that got us into this mess in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that BushCo is no longer in charge because I think that ObamaCo can still get some things done, but in order to do that the Dems have to show solidarity with each other. In other words, they have to start behaving more like Republicans, which will just further blur the line between the two parties and give rise to one national party: The Democrubs.


2 comments on “Democrubs

  1. Pdub says:

    Yeah, i’m still holding out hope for Obama, but I lost a lot of it once I found out that he hired lobbyists for his administration. Sucks.

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