Week Two

It’s a new week here at TUL and I am excited. Well maybe not excited exactly as the sun is shining and the sky is blue (something rare for the autumn in Liberec) and I would rather be outside enjoying the final vestiges of warm weather, but I am ready. I am teaching some classes that I have not taught yet since we had a holiday last Monday which meant no classes.

I am not worried though as it means that I get to meet new students and they get to meet me. I just hope they bring their textbooks to class because if they don’t it will be hard to get any work done. Sure, I could bring some photocopies of the pages they need from my book (and I will) but that will only get us so far since a lot of the pages in the book that I use have been marked by previous teachers with the answers, which would not be a good way to encourage that students actually do the exercises since the answers would be there already, just staring them in the face.

I guess I will see, and I might have to improvise–admittedly not one of my stronger suits–but I have no real concern about things working out.


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