Home Again Jiggity Jig and all that

So I am back in the States for a little while. Actually, I have been back for almost a week now, but I have been too busy doing nothing…sleeping, spending time with my new nephew, sleeping, eating…to do anything else, including writing on this blog.

The plane ride here was long (about 16 hours, plus layovers) but not too terrible. The highlight of the trip on the way here:

Leaving JFK at around 23:45 and arriving at my friend’s flat in Brooklyn at around 00:00, drinking beers, eating “bourbon balls” and guacamole, and catching up with him and his wife (neither of whom I had seen in almost two years) then hopping back into a cab and heading back to the airport at around 5:00 so that I could check in and board the plane. It was awesome and lots and lots of fun.

Other highlights thus far (and I am not talking about the plane ride here, but about being back) include: seeing the nephew for the first time–he’s two months old and adorable, seeing other friends that I hadn’t seen in an equally long (if not longer) time, eating Mexican Food, sushi, and drinking root beer from the soda fountain (can someone say unlimited free refills?).

There are other friends that I hope to see on this trip–Matthias, pdub, and Evan I am looking at you (there are others too, but these are the only names I feel like dropping right now) but I have lots of family to see, and they are spread out all over Northern California so I do not know how plausible that is. Still, I will try my best.

Merry Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanza/Festivus etc… to all and to all a stuffed belly.


Don’t send in the drones

Okay, so recently Obama has asked for more troops in Afghanistan, and has given the not so firm withdrawal date, sorry, beginning of withdrawal date, of sometime in 2011. Also, he was won the Nobel Peace prize. These two things are definitely contradictory, especially when we consider that Obama and the U.S. refuses to support this when there is absolutely no reason not to, but Obama has also shown that he can restrain himself and the machinations of war.

For a while now the CIA or US military or Blackwater–someone who is “with us”–has been conducting missile strikes against al-Qaeda targets in Pakistan using the Predator drone aircraft (pictured above). These strikes have been responsible for the deaths of dozens of so-called al-Qaeda leaders, as well as the deaths of countless civilians who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and hanging out with the wrong people. I guess it is true what they say–it’s not what you know it’s who you know, and you are judged based upon those whom you choose to associate yourself with.

Well, the CIA, who I guess is now admitting that they are in charge of these flying terminators, wants to expand the operation so that it goes deeper into Pakistan. They argue that the program has been successful in hurting the opposition’s leadership, but also in keeping them disorganized (as if they were some military force with one central leadership and regiments of disciplined soldiers).

Well, Barry-O is having none of that. That’s right, he finally did something that might merit consideration for the Peace Prize. Sure, he did not say that the strikes would stop, nor did he yank all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, or Iraq, but this is a baby step. It shows that he can be reasonable and work toward maintaining the level of violence, but not increasing it, and I think that is worth a little bit of a table scrap, don’t you?

Some might argue (myself included) that this is too little, and does too little to really mean anything, and they (as well as myself) would be right, but it is a start. If he can show restraint on increasing unneccessary military action, then there is hope that he will one day (and, with luck, soon) see the light of peace and start to act in such a fashion that demonstrates that is he not a war monger like his predecessor, but that he only does what is absolutely necessary for National Security and nothing more. We are still a long way from there, but at least he may have taken his first step in that direction, which is a step that I doubt that scum bucket from Texas would have even considered.

Unrulytravller Status Update II: In which Unrulytravller rants some more about random and pointless crap

Facebook is fun. I use it (too much) and I enjoy it (more than I should I am sure), but it truly does suck sometimes. It allows us access to too much information, and allows us to share things that should not be shared.
For example: If someone is listed as “in a relationship” then they change it to “single, or complicated” all the world can see it. Well maybe not all the world, but enough of it.

This in and of itself might not be such a big deal, but it is the fighting/disparaging words that come with the end of any relationship–now posted on Facebook for all to see and comment on–that I take issue with. Look, I understand that a break up is not an easy or pleasant thing. I understand there are hurt feelings, feelings of betrayal, and things that need to be said. I get it. The few break ups I have suffered through have all been full of these feelings, and I shared them with my friends. Facebook did not exist during those times (man has it been so long since I was in a relationship?), or at least I was not a participating member, and even if it had I would not have made comments about my ex and how much I was hurting because they disappointed me. Guess what? I probably disappointed them too, but that does not mean that everyone who is your “friend” on Facebook needs to know the minute details of your pain.

Posting something like: …is disappointed in her ex because he turned out not to be the knight in white armor I thought he was is useless prattling that offers a window into the break up experience, but it is not somethig that should be shared with hundreds, or even tens, of people. Oh, and by the way, of course he was not as good as you thought–YOU BROKE UP right? and usually there is a reason for that, or many reasons, but one thing is for sure HE WAS JUST TOO PERFECT FOR ME is NEVER one of those reasons. Where was I? Oh right, sharing too much information…

Be disappointed in your former lover. Yell at the sky how much you hate them, how angry you are, punch a tree, eat a dick (did I just write that? I guess I must be suffering from tourette’s of the keyboard again) kick a cat or a dog–your preference. Basically, do anything except for filling up my news feed with the woes of your emotions about the failure of your relationship. All it does is make you look pathetic, and that is never a good look. Well unless it is something so pathetic it is cute, like this:

Nice jugs...er, I mean, doesn't she make you want a beer?

But you know what, those status updates detailing your pain are NOT cute. They are just pathetic. They are a transparently desperate cry for attention and solidarity. I mean, what are you trying to accomplish by writing things like that? I would wager only that you are feeling low and want some attention, so instead of finding a friend IN PERSON and talking to them IN PERSON (or on the phone, I suppose, if not friend is readily available) and getting some real and true attention/support, you decide to whore your need for attention out to the world like some ten cent lady of the evening with herpes on her lips and a raging case of Chlamydia.

Also, if you have something to say to your ex, who I notice is still your “friend” on Facebook, say it to them PERSONALLY. Don’t be all passive aggressive by posting status updates talking about how much of a scumbucket he/she is. Nut up and tell them to their face, or at least to their Facebook inbox (see what I did there?), but spare the rest of us from your “woe is me” crap.

It is possible (and likely) that I am being insensitive about this whole thing, and that I should be nicer about this type of thing. After all, Karma is one mean mistress and I can already feel her sneaking up behind me (or at least trying to. I say trying because I always sit with my back to the wall, so that bitch is really going to have to go all wrecking ball on the wall in order to get behind me, and by that time I will be long gone, having heard all the ruckus she was making to get to me.)

I thought I had more nonsense to spew forth, but I seem to be all tapped out for the moment. Have no fear, though, I will be back, raving like a lunatic in no time and about more meaningless and senseless crap. In the meantime, watch these:

Unrulytravller Update I: In Which Unrulytravller Rants and Raves in a storm that signifies nothing!

With the exception of that picture of the cat dressed up like Raggedy Andy (or whatever that creepy stuffed raggedly boy doll was called) I have been pretty silent on this blog as of late. Well, that has mostly been just because I have been quite busy at work, and I once again tried to participate in NANO this year (as the four of you who read this blog may remember from one of my last posts), and once again proved that I was not ready for the commitment. I did better this year, though. I hit somewhere near 11,000 words. I would give you and exact number, but I am too lazy to open the file, highlight the text and hit word count.

So we will all just have to settle for 11,000 words. It might be a slight exaggeration or it might not be an exaggeration at all. I honestly do not know as I seem to have forgotten the exact word count for some reason, but I do seem to remember that it was in the ballpark of 11,000 words. (Ballpark, I like that, I will have to try and remember to teach it to the students. Leave any hints for how to explain the term “in the ballpark” to non-native speakers in the comment section if you wish.) I can, however, tell you how many words this blog post is at this point in time, at least according to WordPress’ nifty little word counter in the bottom left of my screen (you can’t see it, though, because you do not hold the special title of “Administrator.” 266 words at administrator.

And speaking of Raggedy Andy (or whatever his name was. I am pretty sure it was Raggedy Andy) what the what was up with him and Anne? Were they siblings? BFF’s? Doing it in the yarn store? Seriously, What was up with the relationship between those two?  I ask because I do not rightly know. I remember there being such things as Raggedy Anne and Raggedy Andy dolls. I think I vaguely remember my sister having one, but I would not swear to it in a court of law. If they tried to grand jury me over that, I would have no choice but to take the fifth or risk perjuring myself because I honestly do not recall if she had one or not…

Wait a minute… I wouldn’t have to plead the fifth or risk perjury. I mean I don’t recall, honestly, but that’s the defense Oliver North used and it seemed to work out okay. Okay, well it wasn’t really the defense he used. I guess I was getting him confused with that guy in Clear and Present Danger, who when talking about his “Operation Reciprocity” get out of jail free card, etc… etc… he always reminded me of Oliver North saying “I don’t recall council” for some reason. I know, I should never trust movies because they always lie to me, even ones based on fact.

This one comes to mind as a good example (as does its remake, which I never saw, thankfully. I say thankfully because I heard the news reports about how peoples’ eyes were exploding in their sockets and there were tiny demons with big wankers running around and making sweet sweet love to the bloody eye sockets (eye hole raping, in the vernacular–and hey, if you come with me this far on this wild, meandering, and seemingly pointless tirade you have only yourself to blame if the whole eye hole raping thing offended you,but I am glad that you made it that far, and I hope you continue along this crazy journey of a post. If you feel like you can’t well, then don’t break your finger when you click close on this tab, or whatever it is you do to leave this place.)

If you are still here  thank you and I will continue my rant as of now.

And this is another supposedly true movie that lied to me.

There are others, but I can’t think of them right now–oh wait, here’s one!

The point is movies lie, and I know they lie, but I listen to them anyway for some reason known only to me and God, and God is dead and I sure as hell am not going to say why I listen to and trust movies. You will think me more of a freak than you already do. Oh, and what I wrote before about God being dead, I did not mean that. What I meant to say is that God is imaginary so he can’t say anything, but it also means that he is not dead. In order to be dead, something had to have once existed–been alive–and God never existed, therefore he cannot be dead. But of course, neither can he be alive. All he can be is some imaginary boogeyman who supposedly espouses love, but loves those who hate. If that doesn’t sound like some idea out of some crazy crack head’s crack addled mind then I don’t know what does.

Movies lie, and there was a movie that showed an Oliver North type–I think he was even supposed to be Oliver North–with Buck Teeth say the words “I don’t recall council.” I want to say it was the  first of The Naked Gun movies, but I don’t really think that was it. It just does not make sense for that scene to be in that movie. Granted, not much about The Naked Gun does make a whole lot of sense, but even this seems a little too outlandish. Maybe it was Hotshots! That seems more likely, but I am still unsure. I don’t recall–if you will–and it does not really matter. However, if one of you two brave readers who have come with me this far knows, or finds out, let me know via the comments (gee, did I mention the comments section twice in one post? Am I trying to tell you something? Hmm…?).

So maybe Ollie North did not use the “I don’t recall” defense, but he did play the waffle game (it is a PDF file, look at the top of page 129 and read Ollie’s response to a fairly straightforward question), so I guess I can still use the Oliver North defense when and if I ever get grand juried about the possible existence, and my memory of said possible existence, of a Raggedy Anne or Raggedy Andy doll.  That’s right, I am back to those two creepy  pale skinned, red headed, rosy cheeked, twined freak dolls that may or may not have been making the twine beast with two backs. So yeah, if anyone knows the story about these freakish, possibly incestuous, dolls, let me know in the, where else, comments section.

Even I admit that this rant is getting a little long in the tooth, especially since there are no pictures. I want to add pics, I really do. I love pictures and videos–oh, I CAN post videos–but for some reason the right click mouse button on my laptop’s mouse pad does not work with the internet. It really is quite annoying as I have forgotten the keyboard shortcut to copy the image location on a pic that I want to share here on this blog. So this wordfest continues to grow without pictures, and I fear that I am trying the patient of  even you, the sole reader who has made it this far, and as your reward, some funny or cool things to watch.

And now even YouTube videos are lying to me because even though I do not remember those redheaded freaks, I do remember that they were supposed to be friendly and fun for kids. The two in this video just seem like wannabe Jokers, and bad ones at that.

And speaking of lies, here is a funny video

Final Word Count of this post: 1327.