Unrulytravller Status Update II: In which Unrulytravller rants some more about random and pointless crap

Facebook is fun. I use it (too much) and I enjoy it (more than I should I am sure), but it truly does suck sometimes. It allows us access to too much information, and allows us to share things that should not be shared.
For example: If someone is listed as “in a relationship” then they change it to “single, or complicated” all the world can see it. Well maybe not all the world, but enough of it.

This in and of itself might not be such a big deal, but it is the fighting/disparaging words that come with the end of any relationship–now posted on Facebook for all to see and comment on–that I take issue with. Look, I understand that a break up is not an easy or pleasant thing. I understand there are hurt feelings, feelings of betrayal, and things that need to be said. I get it. The few break ups I have suffered through have all been full of these feelings, and I shared them with my friends. Facebook did not exist during those times (man has it been so long since I was in a relationship?), or at least I was not a participating member, and even if it had I would not have made comments about my ex and how much I was hurting because they disappointed me. Guess what? I probably disappointed them too, but that does not mean that everyone who is your “friend” on Facebook needs to know the minute details of your pain.

Posting something like: …is disappointed in her ex because he turned out not to be the knight in white armor I thought he was is useless prattling that offers a window into the break up experience, but it is not somethig that should be shared with hundreds, or even tens, of people. Oh, and by the way, of course he was not as good as you thought–YOU BROKE UP right? and usually there is a reason for that, or many reasons, but one thing is for sure HE WAS JUST TOO PERFECT FOR ME is NEVER one of those reasons. Where was I? Oh right, sharing too much information…

Be disappointed in your former lover. Yell at the sky how much you hate them, how angry you are, punch a tree, eat a dick (did I just write that? I guess I must be suffering from tourette’s of the keyboard again) kick a cat or a dog–your preference. Basically, do anything except for filling up my news feed with the woes of your emotions about the failure of your relationship. All it does is make you look pathetic, and that is never a good look. Well unless it is something so pathetic it is cute, like this:

Nice jugs...er, I mean, doesn't she make you want a beer?

But you know what, those status updates detailing your pain are NOT cute. They are just pathetic. They are a transparently desperate cry for attention and solidarity. I mean, what are you trying to accomplish by writing things like that? I would wager only that you are feeling low and want some attention, so instead of finding a friend IN PERSON and talking to them IN PERSON (or on the phone, I suppose, if not friend is readily available) and getting some real and true attention/support, you decide to whore your need for attention out to the world like some ten cent lady of the evening with herpes on her lips and a raging case of Chlamydia.

Also, if you have something to say to your ex, who I notice is still your “friend” on Facebook, say it to them PERSONALLY. Don’t be all passive aggressive by posting status updates talking about how much of a scumbucket he/she is. Nut up and tell them to their face, or at least to their Facebook inbox (see what I did there?), but spare the rest of us from your “woe is me” crap.

It is possible (and likely) that I am being insensitive about this whole thing, and that I should be nicer about this type of thing. After all, Karma is one mean mistress and I can already feel her sneaking up behind me (or at least trying to. I say trying because I always sit with my back to the wall, so that bitch is really going to have to go all wrecking ball on the wall in order to get behind me, and by that time I will be long gone, having heard all the ruckus she was making to get to me.)

I thought I had more nonsense to spew forth, but I seem to be all tapped out for the moment. Have no fear, though, I will be back, raving like a lunatic in no time and about more meaningless and senseless crap. In the meantime, watch these:


5 comments on “Unrulytravller Status Update II: In which Unrulytravller rants some more about random and pointless crap

  1. Pdub says:

    Was that OSI from Venture Brothers? Genius.

  2. Yes it was OSI from the Venture Brothers. It is genius.

  3. mlathe says:

    yet without facebook we wouldn’t have the enjoyment of reading http://www.lamebook.com

    great time waster.

  4. Evan says:

    I don’t know. I know it makes me a little evil, but I usually enjoy watching the emotional explosions that occasionally flare up on Facebook.

  5. Evan says:

    So, what do you tell the guy who has no friends locally or who can be called, who just desperately needs someone to reach out and talk to him and then resorts to facebook? Because I fit that bill right now, as of today, and having no one in my life here to turn to am seeing the appeal in seeking the attention from someone in the public who can then give me a shoulder to publicly cry on.

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