Don’t send in the drones

Okay, so recently Obama has asked for more troops in Afghanistan, and has given the not so firm withdrawal date, sorry, beginning of withdrawal date, of sometime in 2011. Also, he was won the Nobel Peace prize. These two things are definitely contradictory, especially when we consider that Obama and the U.S. refuses to support this when there is absolutely no reason not to, but Obama has also shown that he can restrain himself and the machinations of war.

For a while now the CIA or US military or Blackwater–someone who is “with us”–has been conducting missile strikes against al-Qaeda targets in Pakistan using the Predator drone aircraft (pictured above). These strikes have been responsible for the deaths of dozens of so-called al-Qaeda leaders, as well as the deaths of countless civilians who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and hanging out with the wrong people. I guess it is true what they say–it’s not what you know it’s who you know, and you are judged based upon those whom you choose to associate yourself with.

Well, the CIA, who I guess is now admitting that they are in charge of these flying terminators, wants to expand the operation so that it goes deeper into Pakistan. They argue that the program has been successful in hurting the opposition’s leadership, but also in keeping them disorganized (as if they were some military force with one central leadership and regiments of disciplined soldiers).

Well, Barry-O is having none of that. That’s right, he finally did something that might merit consideration for the Peace Prize. Sure, he did not say that the strikes would stop, nor did he yank all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, or Iraq, but this is a baby step. It shows that he can be reasonable and work toward maintaining the level of violence, but not increasing it, and I think that is worth a little bit of a table scrap, don’t you?

Some might argue (myself included) that this is too little, and does too little to really mean anything, and they (as well as myself) would be right, but it is a start. If he can show restraint on increasing unneccessary military action, then there is hope that he will one day (and, with luck, soon) see the light of peace and start to act in such a fashion that demonstrates that is he not a war monger like his predecessor, but that he only does what is absolutely necessary for National Security and nothing more. We are still a long way from there, but at least he may have taken his first step in that direction, which is a step that I doubt that scum bucket from Texas would have even considered.


5 comments on “Don’t send in the drones

  1. neel123 says:

    The world is in the midst of a war …. and you are suggesting not to send in the Drones ……. ?

    Clearly, you have no idea or appreciation of the scale and gravity of the situation …… !

    • Or clearly I think there are better ways of handling the situation rather than just blowing the hell out of people and letting the higher powers sort it out. Thanks for reading and the comment.

      • Or, also clearly, I was channeling Obama and his reluctance to increase drone attacks deeper into a nuclear powered sovereign nation. So actually, unlike what you wrote, this situation is not clear at all, and there are no easy answers, so maybe you are the one who does not quite grasp or appreciate the scale and gravity of the situation, since you seem to think (at least based on your reply and I don’t mean to put words in your mouth) that there is a simple solution: just blow the hell out of everyone.

  2. dmarks says:

    “and the U.S. refuses to support this when there is absolutely no reason not to”

    There’s something I read a while ago that the US when it places mines is careful where they get put, and they keep track of them and take them up when there is no longer a military use. I can’t find this reference, and am not sure it is true. But if so, it would explain a good reason not to support a mine ban.

    • There is no good reason not to support the mine ban, even if we track the whereabouts of every single (which I highly doubt is true–we can’t even track the money from the bailout). Land mines are dangerous and indiscriminate, and how can we expect others to support the ban when we don’t. It is yet another case of expecting the rest of the world to do what we say, regardless of our own actions.

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