Home Again Jiggity Jig and all that

So I am back in the States for a little while. Actually, I have been back for almost a week now, but I have been too busy doing nothing…sleeping, spending time with my new nephew, sleeping, eating…to do anything else, including writing on this blog.

The plane ride here was long (about 16 hours, plus layovers) but not too terrible. The highlight of the trip on the way here:

Leaving JFK at around 23:45 and arriving at my friend’s flat in Brooklyn at around 00:00, drinking beers, eating “bourbon balls” and guacamole, and catching up with him and his wife (neither of whom I had seen in almost two years) then hopping back into a cab and heading back to the airport at around 5:00 so that I could check in and board the plane. It was awesome and lots and lots of fun.

Other highlights thus far (and I am not talking about the plane ride here, but about being back) include: seeing the nephew for the first time–he’s two months old and adorable, seeing other friends that I hadn’t seen in an equally long (if not longer) time, eating Mexican Food, sushi, and drinking root beer from the soda fountain (can someone say unlimited free refills?).

There are other friends that I hope to see on this trip–Matthias, pdub, and Evan I am looking at you (there are others too, but these are the only names I feel like dropping right now) but I have lots of family to see, and they are spread out all over Northern California so I do not know how plausible that is. Still, I will try my best.

Merry Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanza/Festivus etc… to all and to all a stuffed belly.


3 comments on “Home Again Jiggity Jig and all that

  1. mlathe says:

    looking forward to seeing you too. drop me a line and we can meetup.

  2. Evan says:

    What ‘Thias said!

  3. Pdub says:

    Oooooooh, shit. when you gonna be in c-town? If you don’t have my number, I live with Dust, member.

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