Oliver North is a Twit

Watch the video for all the proof you need.

Now, there are all kinds of wrong spewing out of this twit’s mouth, but I particularly like the part about NAMBLA and Pedophiles. And by like, I mean find most offensive and asinine. The leap in logic from repealing an oppressive law that denies our soldier’s their rights, even though they have been fighting two horrific wars for the better part of a decade to how the repealing of that law will open to the door to all kinds of sexual deviants.

If we do not let pederasts and NAMBLA members into the military now (and I really don’t know if we do, and I am feeling too lazy at the moment to do a quick google search so if anyone knows, leave a comment and share your knowledge), I doubt that getting rid of DADT is going to change that. What it will change is that gay and lesbian service members will hide have to hide their sexual orientation. This will not make them weaker soldiers, and I highly doubt we are going to see them flamboyantly display their new freedom.

They are soldiers. They are not going out clubbing, or partying; they are fighting and dying for their country. They are trained professionals whose duty is to the United States of America, and I am sure they take their job quite seriously. Repealing DADT will not open the floodgates for pageant parades in the barracks anymore than it will open the military door to NAMBLA members, pederasts, necrophiliacs, folks into bestiality, or  Furries. What is a Furry, you ask. Well, ask and ye shall receive:

so please Mr. North shut your pie hole and stop the lying hate and bigotry spewing forth out of it. You are a liar and a hater of America sir. That’s right, I called said you hate America. I know that you served in the Armed Forces, and I know that you made Col, but I also know that you are a liar and a convicted felon. You are a good fall guy with a bad memory, who served his country and then lied about his actions while serving.You sir, are worse than Pete Rose, and he almost ruined baseball, America’s–the country that you hate–national pastime.

I know, you may be wondering how I can claim a man such as yourself, Mr. North, a Col. can hate his country. Well, maybe I can’t, but I can say that you have an extreme dislike for her troops. Sure, only some of them because after all not all of the troops are gay. Or are they? Right now we can’t ask and they can’t tell, so we don’t know, but wouldn’t it be great that if after DADT is repealed, it turned out that all of our servicemen actually ARE gay. Then you really would have to hate the whole army. I imagine the army would then look something like this:

Why do you hate us Mr. North?

I then imagine your head would look something like this:

This is what will happen to all lying Armed Forces hating, convicted felon's heads when Don't Ask Don't Tell is repealed.


2 comments on “Oliver North is a Twit

  1. Pdub says:

    Sex offenders are not allowed in the military, so no, a pederast would not be let in. As for NAMBLA, I have no idea. Yeah, this guy is a moran. Its an obvious slippery slope argument.

  2. Oliver North is a disgusting cowardly PIG!


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