Sharks Leafs 3rd period

Announcer claims Thornton Heatley and Marleau need to step it up. To him I say: Shut it turkey (but I agree with you).

Sharks on the attack. Leafs have it.

So far this period is not very exciting. Or maybe that is just the subdued calling of the announcers.

Leafs threatening and dominating zone time. Sharks need a shift change, can’t clear the puck.

Nabby with a save, Sharks finally clear.

Leafs striking back. They are totally in control of the game. 27-17 shots in favor of Toronto.

The Leafs are totally outplaying and outworking the boys in teal.

Sharks shoot and almost score. Some nice pressure, and almost another goal from Seto and Pavelski. They are a bit of a dangerous duo tonight. Too bad they couldn’t get the goal.

Leafs threatening, but Sharks clear.

Some good back and forth play, but apparently not much to talk about since the announcers have been kind of quiet. I wonder how I would feel if I were able to watch the game rather than just listen to it.

The radio has gone quiet for a moment. That happens sometimes. It is annoying, but it is part of my life when I want to hear a Sharks game. The radio is back, and thankfully there were no goals, well thankfully the Leafs did not score, at least.

Puck is in the Sharks zone, but they are able to clear. Now the Ryan Clowe has taken a high sticking penalty. Nevermind that it was accidental, or the result of dirty play by Phaneuf (sp?), and now the Sharks are on the penalty kill.

Sharks continue to kill the penalty. About a minute left. Murray blocks a shot but limps to the bench. I hope it’s just a stinger and nothing more serious.

Nabokov with the big save. He keeps it tied and shows that thus far he deserves the team MVP because without him the Sharks are down 7-2 or worse.

The penalty has been killed.

It is time for the Sharks to reach into the tank and put the pressure on. There is no reason they should lose this game, nor is there any reason that this game should go into overtime. Of course, there are almost ten minutes left, which is plenty of time for this game to be broken wide open. If that happens, I hope it is the Sharks who are the ones doing the breaking and not the ones being broken. They should be able to do it, after all, it’s Toronto :-).

Faceoff in the Toronto zone. Do I smell a quick goal? Not quite.

Leafs strike back. Sharks defense holds strong, clear it out. Seto battles for it, sends it off a skate to Ryan Clowe to the back of the net! San Jose 3-2. Now let’s see if they can hold strong.

Leafs break out, Sharks turn it the other way. The announcers keep talking about their Turning Point brought to you by some kind of energy drink, and I wish they would just shut up about it. I understand that they have to plug it, they need to advertising revenue after all, but that does not make it any less annoying.

Commercial break and more radio silence.

5:29 left in the period and, with skill and precision from the Sharks, the game.

That’s right, the Sharks secondary scoring is better this year so if you focus on Thornton, Setoguichi and Clowe and Pavelski will make you pay!

Announcer: It’s hard to believe he (Thornton) has only three 30 goal seasons.

Me: No it’s not you twit. Thornton does not shoot. That means he cannot score goals.

Murray has not returned to the game. I don’t like the looks of that.

If the Sharks win, it will be a 9 road-game winning streak. Do it Tiburones.

Leafs pressuring… Sharks holding strong…Sharks attack…Leafs clear…Murray is back…

Weak shot, Toronto clears and starts their offense.

Nabby makes a big save off of Phaneuf to keep the Sharks in the game.

120 to go. JGS is out of the net.

Thornton misses the open net. Clowe’s shot is blocked. 45 seconds left.

Leafs threatening with the extra man. Sharks clear. 25 seconds.

Sharks are holding. Puck is lost, but Nabby holds strong and arguably saves the game without knowing where the puck is. Could this be the “Turning Point” the announcers have been talking about all night. 10 seconds left in the game. Toronto calls a time out. Hold strong Sharks, hold strong. And by that I mean Nabby because you are the reason the team is still in this game. You deserve the regulation win, and you have earned it, but you cannot rely on your team’s defense to protect the lead.

And now the Sharks have one, ironically enough because of a good defensive play in the form of a deflection. I guess I have to eat some crow.

Well the Sharks won, but it was not a pretty game. I suppose that does not matter because it is all about the W and the two points.


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