Sharks v Maple Leafs 2nd Period

Sharks did not score on the power play and now the Leafs got a good scoring chance.

The Leafs are pressuring, and now there is a possible goal and now there is a review to see if it actually was a goal.

No Goal! Whew.

Let’s go guys.

Sharks almost cleared the puck, but then it turned into icing, so they really didn’t even come close to clearing the puck. Grrr!

Blake with a big shot…GOAL?…no. So close. Okay, okay, keep it up. JSG is a punk but we can beat him.

Pictured: A punk.

Boyle off the faceoff for a goal! YES!

Sharks threatening, Leafs clear, but go offside on the possible breakaway. Good break for the Sharks.

Blake with a shot, Orty wide a wide shot. I like that the Sharks seem to have found their legs all of a sudden. I wonder how long it will last.

Seto to Pavelski for the big goal! This is more like it.

I wonder what the shot totals are now. I hope the announces tell me soon.

Ooh a fight: Exelby (?) and Staubitz. Lefts being thrown, Exelby without his helmet. A few more punches, then they hit the ice. It sounded to me like Exelby had the better showing, but then the announcers said that Staubitz was the victor, so I’ll accept that and focus on the important thing:

Sharks 2; Leafs 1

Torey Mitchell with the shot, JGS with the save., and then time for a commercial.

Leafs pressing, Nabby keeping it a one goal lead for the Sharks. Marleau clears. Leafs bring it back to the Sharks zone.

Leafs continue to press, the Sharks really need to get the puck out. Way to go Nichol, you cleared the puck and forced a faceoff in the Toronto zone.

Nabby with yet another big save. Seto ices it. Sharks need this faceoff, too bad Malholtra is injured.

Leafs won the faceoff and got the shot on goal. Nabby keeps it 2-1. Way to go Evgeni, keep it up until the final game of the Stanley Cup finals.

Leafs in the Sharks zone. Sharks finally clear. Boyle to Thornton. Leafs clear.

Sharks in the Leafs zone, setting up for a shot.

Thornton to Blake, Murray has it, Leafs take it away and clear.

Leafs pressuring and controlling the puck. Good scoring chances, but active defense from the Sharks–body blocks and poke checking.

Shot on goal for the Leafs, save by Nabokov.

Goodness, the Leafs are really responding and kind of taking control of the game. This is reminiscent of the first period, only the Sharks have the lead.

Grrr. Marleau just missed.

The Sharks may have the lead, but they are not playing a strong enough game to hold the lead. At least in my opinion.

Oh, but now they have a power play opportunity. Let’s see if they can score on this one.

Sharks cycling in the zone. Leafs, clear. No shots on this power play yet.

Leafs with a breakaway and shot, Clowe is there.

Sharks powerplay sucking right now.

Heatley with a big shot, JGS with the save.

Sharks do not score on the PP. Jody Shelley takes a retaliation penalty (why is he even on the team? I know he’s supposed to be an enforcer, but he sucks at that, and he makes boneheaded plays like this) which sets the Leafs up for a powerplay goal after only 9 seconds.

2-2 now. BALLS!

End of second period. Here is where we see what the Sharks are made of.

Shots: 25 Leafs; 16 Sharks


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