Sharks vs. Maple Leafs First Period.

So I am listening to this game right now, it’s an early game so that means it is only 1:30 am here. So far this is not a good game for the Sharks. They have been grossly outplayed. The Leafs have something like 12 shots and a goal. The Sharks have maybe 3 shots, and there are probably somewhere around 8 minutes left in the first period. The Sharks really need to get it going.

Man, Dany Heatley just sent one off of the post. At least that is a positive sign.

Speaking of the Sharks, I have not really written about them since the hockey season started. Could it be that I am still reeling from the pitiful playoff performance last year against the Duck? Yeah, most likely, but also because it is clear that Sharks are going to make the playoffs, unless they have a total meltdown, but I have enough faith in them to think that they will not suffer from such a fiasco. However, the Olympics are this year and the Sharks have at least four Olympians on their team, but I think it is something closer to at least six. Even with the Olympic Games, I still the that the Sharks have the wherewithal to plat through the Olympics and come back to finish strong. Then it will be the playoffs and that is where the Sharks really have to prove themselves.

Sounds like the refs missed a penalty call. Douches.

Sharks putting a little pressure on, but nothing too big.

Mitchell with a shot on goal, Leafs take it into Sharks territory. Huskins clears (who is this guy? oh, he was one of the dudes that came from Anaheim last year–the announcer just informed me).

I am interested in seeing how the new defensive acquisition, Niclas Wallin fits into the lineup. So far, it does not seem like he has added much as the announcers are not really talking about him But then, maybe that is a good thing because that means that he at least not making many mistakes, and I will take a clean but boring defender over a flashy but sloppy one any day of the week except for Wednesday because hey, everyone has to take risks once in a while.

I realize the above picture does not show a Shark uniform, but that dude in the Carolina uniform is now a Shark, and this is the best I can do right now since I cannot find any photos of him in a teal jersey.

These Maple Leaf radio announcers are pretty crappy. They are boring and speak in kind of flat unenthusiastic voices. But they are Canadian, so what are you going to do? I would like to take this moment to say that I have nothing against Canadians. In fact I think they are pretty great. They are just a little laid back, and I dig that; however, it is not necessarily appropriate for radio sports broadcasting.

Ooh, Los Tiburones are going on a Power Play. Second best on the road in the league. Of course that does not really mean anything, except that they are able to score on the PP, which is just something that should be a given for all teams in the NHL.

Shorthanded shot from the Leafs. Jerks. Good save Nabby.

First period over. Sharks still on the PP. Sharks outshot 13-7. Let’s go boys, pick up the pace.


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