Ian McShane as Blackbeard?

I want to say that I really really really disliked the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I thoroughly enjoyed the first for what it was: a campy, big budget fun action/romance flick with good performances by all the actors (of course, this was before Johnny Depp kind of became a caricature of himself and started playing every role as if he were Jack Sparrow. It kind of reminds me of how Adam West insists that he is Batman). Oh, and Keira Knightly in those low cut, chest enhancing bodices (or corsages, to be more accurate)? Excellent, especially when one considers that she is not super endowed in the breast area (doesn’t change the fact that she is a beautiful woman). Case in point:

The point of this is that I am not overly excited about the fourth Pirates movie, especially since Ms. Knightley is not returning to wear those awesome corsages, but at least the eye candy will be good in the ever beautiful and talented Penelope Cruz. But this bit of news has intrigued me:

Ian McShane, Al Swearengen of Deadwood fame, has reportedly signed on to play Blackbeard in the fourth installment of this tired after the first one franchise. This could actually make the movie bearable and watchable, no matter what ridiculous plot they come up with, especially of he gets to exercise his loquacious abilities and gets into many a verbal duel with Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Depp. Hell, I would probably watch the movie just for a ten minute scene of them verbally sparring while involved in swordplay.

Here is the man in action, though of course the PG-13 nature of the Pirates movies would disallow the use of his cursing.

Warning: Very Not Safe For Work:


3 comments on “Ian McShane as Blackbeard?

  1. branwynne77 says:

    I liked the Pirates movies, but I am glad Kiera and Orlando are out. The interaction between Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush is fascinating.

  2. EL Bandito says:

    I dunno. The inclusion of Ian McShane didn’t make Hot Rod watchable. At all.

    • Hey Bandito, thanks for dropping by. Is that the stupid movie about the kid and the dirtbike that came out a few years ago? never saw it, but I am of the mind that NOTHING would have made that movie watchable.

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