Sharks vs. Panthers

The Sharks are playing the Panthers tonight, and I will actually get to watch/listen to it without having to stay up into the wee hours of the night. Sure, it won’t start until 10pm for me, but that is much better than a 430am start time. In fact, it means that I will get to watch most of the game on the same day that it actually starts. Amazing, I know.

The boys in teal have been winning lately, though those wins have not been pretty. They have won three consecutive games (good), but all of them have been come from behind wins (good and bad, but mostly bad), which is an NHL record. I hope that they don’t have to extend that streak and record to four come from behind wins (for accuracy’s sake, come from behind win here is defined as trailing going into the third period, and winning in regulation. That’s right, no extra time needed for Los Tiburones) and that they will just come out and pummel the Panthers without hesitation or looking back.

Oh, and props, thanks, and kudos to Joe Pavelski, the hero of Thursday’s game against Nashville. Way to go little Joe.

Check out this goal, it is amazing!


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