The neverending saga of a broken nose in Liberec pt 5,000,002

Yes dear readers it is that time again. I am of course talking about it being time to further rant/vent my frustrations about the turtle like pace of the Czech justice system. As some of you may know, I was mugged in December, 2008. I got some shit stolen and my nose broken. But it wasn’t all bad, I mean, after all, I got to spend four hours talking to the police right after the incident, and they were so courteous that they didn’t even offer me any water. It was an enjoyable experience to be sure.

But as the months have dragged on, it has become less enjoyable. The newest development? Well, on Wednesday I went to the Post Office to retrieve a letter, which turned out to be two letters, waiting for me there. I opened them and was bombarded by Czech. Knowing they know that I cannot speak/read Czech I flipped to the back and found what I was looking for–the English translation. I read it and the gist of it is this:

I have been summoned to appear Monday morning, March 22, at 8:30 am to offer my witness testimony against my attackers. This pisses me off to no end. One, I have already spoken to the police twice about this–three times if you count the night of the attack. There is nothing more I have to say on the matter, and they already have my given statement so they should just be able to read that to the court and be done with it. Two, shit like this takes a lot of time. All three instances when I spoke to the cops about what happened it took between three and four hours. And that was just speaking to the investigator with the translator doing his thing. I can’t even begin to imagine how long it is going to take if I have two jerkwad attorneys examining and cross-examining me. It is going to be a nightmare. And finally, Monday is my busiest day, and I don’t have time to waste dealing with this bullshit.

I really just want to not show up, but I cannot do that because if I do I could face a fine of 50,000kc, which is somewhere near 3,000 dollars U.S. and I can’t afford that. At the moment my boss is trying to contact the court on my behalf to express my unwillingness to attend and to see if there is any way for me to get out of it. I should know soon, and when I do, I will let all three of you loyal and faithful readers know.

Until then I am going to sit here in my office and stew in my fury and frustration about this whole thing.

UPDATE: I have to go on Monday because the magister that wants me there does not work on Fridays. Bully for her. I wonder if it would fly if I told her that I don’t go to court on Mondays.



8 comments on “The neverending saga of a broken nose in Liberec pt 5,000,002

  1. Pdub says:

    So what is the court about? Are they gonna pay you for your medical bills and such?

  2. Tivasa says:

    You can make your count of readers 4, now!
    That really sucks! The mugging AND court! When Neal was in Athens, he got hit over the head and ended up with a concussion when he got mugged. What’s up with people being all violent and taking other peoples stuff!?! Totally lame!

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