The Law of Liberec, otherwise known as Murphy’s Law

Or suck it Universe! Suck it and Die!

The weather has finally changed from bone freezing negative degrees with snow and a gray concrete sky to match the concrete buildings I work and sleep in to warm sunny Spring days. At least, that’s how the weekdays have been. The weekends, not so much.

Take today, for example, it is cold and wet (rainy not snowing–thank you sooo much Universe), but yesterday it was warm and sunny, if a little windy, but I had to be inside because of work. Just like the day before that and the day before that. I was looking forward to finally getting out and walking around in the sun, but no, the sun is hidden behind a wall of dark clouds as far as the eye can see.

But isn’t that always the way? A classic Catch-22. Can’t go out and play when the sun is out, but when you finally can go out and play the sun is hiding behind the clouds, laughing at you, reveling in its ability to make your life miserable.

It is almost like it is saying,”Oh, you wanted to go outside and enjoy the nice springtime weather? Sorry, I had other plans for us. See, I have been working too hard for the past couple of days, and after those five month s of Winter where I did not have to work at all, I am quite tired. You see, I am still a little out of shape, and I will need the weekend to rest. You still go and do what you were going to do. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone, my good friend Rainstorm from Hell will keep you company.”

So I say suck it Universe and all of its agents like the sun and Rainstorm from Hell and the man at the wheel who makes the wind (sadly not by farting, though that would be hilarious. Of course it would also be kind of gross, after all if he made the wind by farting that would mean that anytime there was natural wind we would be breathing in some

eternally old dude’s stink gusts.) Suck it Universe, let the Sun come out and play, then choke on it.



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