I complain a lot, but one thing that I don’t complain about a whole lot is the cold. Given the choice between a hot day and a cold day I usually choose the cold. I guess it’s because I have a ton of body fat so it is easier for me to keep warm. I’m like a bear that way.

But I do hate it when I do complain about the weather, or how cold it is, and I get this (or a similar) response: “You’re not in California anymore.” Often times this is said as a joke, and I take it the way it was intended and try to laugh at it, but it still bothers me. What people who haven’t been there don’t seem to understand is that California is a huge place, and it is not all sun and beaches. We have mountains, and they get snow. I am from one of those mountain towns that freezes in winter and gets lots of snow.

Here are a couple of pictures of my hometown, Groveland, California.

I remember many a winter morning in which I got up, went to take my morning bath (yeah, we had a bath not a shower) and the pipes would be frozen. I also remember running up my father’s electric bill because I had to use the space heater in my room all night because it was always freezing. The point is I know what the cold is like, I grew up in it after all. Plus, for like five or six years straight I only wore shorts. I had a very strict anti-pants policy that I kept throughout high school and most of my college career.

I don’t know why this “you’re not in California” statement bothers me so much, but it does. Maybe it is because I hear it quite a bit, and it just gets old. Or maybe it is because I assume that they are trying to comment on my ability to handle the cold, or that they are trying to imply that I am just a weak Californian who thinks 70 degrees Fahrenheit is bundle up weather. But, whatever the reason for its bothering me is the point remains that it does bother me.

Hell, I might even go so far as to say it angers me, makes my blood boil, sets the heart to constricting and pumping faster so that it feels like I am trying to push a baseball bat through the eye of a needle.



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