Days like this

Sometimes I just feel like crying. Why? You ask. I have no idea, I just do. I could say that I think it is because I have been suffering from a lack of sleep thanks to the San Jose Sharks and the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Or, I could say it is because I probably have been imbibing a little too much of that feel good juice called boozahol. But I honestly do not think that either of these things are the real reason why I feel like crying. I could blame it on the weather, but that would be pointless since the sun is shining and the temperature is warm, around 10 degrees celsius  , or 62 farenheit, and it feels much warmer than that.

So it isn’t tiredness (though I am tired–happily so because that means the Sharks are winning so I hope that I will continue to be tired because they will continue to win). It isn’t above average alcohol consumption, and it isn’t the weather. So what is it?

Again, I don’t know. I just hope that the feeling passes soon and that I don’t end up actually crying. Not that I am ashamed to cry, I just hate it. It gives me a headache and makes my eyes all red and puffy and irritated. And who needs that on a day like today?


4 comments on “Days like this

  1. Pdub says:

    Well, that sucks. I hope you feel better man.

  2. mcarteratthemovies says:

    Crying does that to me too — headache, sinuses all messed up, red face, the works. And then I get mad that there are people who look GOOD when they cry, so then I’m mad on top of sad.

    I’m smad. 🙂

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