What can be said about it


Vegetarian Meatloaf

Is what I made myself for dinner tonight*. It was pretty delicious, if I say so myself. I of course have no point of reference since I was the only one to partake in it, as I have no one but myself to cook dinner for. I like cooking, but I don’t enjoy it as much if I am just cooking for myself. It’s not that I need people there in the kitchen with me, though that is nice as long as they don’t feel bad if I don’t ask them to do anything. I am not really a control freak or one of those, “this is my kitchen get the hell out!” kind of people. I am, however, a firm believer in the too many cooks in the kitchen adage. Hey, if you want to chop some veggies, or boil some water, or make your own dish, that is fine, just please stay out of my way. I need the space. Not because I’m some kind of prima donna, but because I am an extremely messy cook and I need a large space so that I can make a mess, and yet still  have a suitable amount of room to actually complete the process of preparing a meal.

I used this recipe but made some additions. For example, I added a finely chopped large carrot, and a half each of a red, an orange, and a yellow bell pepper. Also, I used ketchup instead of tomato sauce, and instead of mixing it in with the loaf, I just poured it all over the top of the thing. I served it with a baked potato that had a little butter and a lot of cheese on top of it, which probably pretty much torpedoed the healthfulness of this meal, but I don’t care because I thought it was pretty damn tasty, and I know it is still healthier than the liter of ice cream I was contemplating as a substitute for dinner tonight.

I would have taken a picture of the loaf, but I forgot my camera at work. No worries, though, I will just take a picture the next time I make this, and I will be making it again because it is super easy and from prep to finish it only took about an hour an a half (if that), and it makes a ton of food. I easily have enough for more tonight, as well as for lunch, and probably dinner, tomorrow.

Hooray for homecookin’.

*I am not, not have I ever been, a vegetarian. I like meat, but tonight I was just in the mood for something different, and since I had never made this before it seemed like the perfect candidate for me to poop on experiment on.

Goodbye Beard

Now that the Sharks are officially out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs I have shaved my playoff beard.

Here is what I looked like last night (and for those of you wondering, I started growing it the day of the first game against the Avalanche):

And here is what I look like now:

Still shabby looking, but not nearly as scruffy.

That is all.

Poem for the Day (Repost due to technical issues and additional thoguhts.)

This is not my poem. I didn’t write it and had nothing to do with it. I don’t even really like poetry, but I do like this one. I think it is tragically hilarious.

Baked Ziti

a couple names their child Baked Ziti
then she is orphaned
this is one example of the joke against humanity
a man beside you on the train
has been diagnosed with a learning disorder
his doctor sends him home with a pamphlet
the man struggles between station stops
to decipher “Sexy Dial,” advice for the dyslexic
written in anagrams
this is another example
the sleet pays you compliments
but to receive them you must stand outside
with your stocking cap stuffed in your coatsleeve
until your hair is crusted with ice

Jeffrey Rotter

Additional Thought: pardon the pun, but if at first you do not “get” this poem, take a moment to chew it over. Read it twice. Mull it over. Take time to digest it. It’s almost like the first oral contact on sexy parts…strange and different at first, but soon irresistible, carrying with it the question, “How could I miss something so obvious and entertaining?”

Sorry for the vulgarity and the senselessness of this additional thought, but I don’t care because of the golden rule of timbicdwiwgfyiyda (don’t ask what it stands for; your little mind could not handle the implications of the dark powers behind this seemingly nonsensical and random string of letters, which states, explicitly, “This is my blog, I can do what I want, go fuck yourself if you don’t agree.”

Again, apologies for the excessive profanity, but if you have a problem with it please address your concerns to the previous paragraph. Or you can send an email the following address: isaididontgiveafuck@eatadouchedickhole.lickmyass.com

Hockey Night in the Czech Republic, or, It’s all over but the beard shaving

So tonight the Czech Republic beat Russia in the IHL Championship. At the moment this is the world around me:

Can hear the shouting from the pub across the way

The not so distant sound of fireworks.

And then an odd and creepy silence followed by the occasional hootin’ and hollerin’.

It’s kind of funny.

Congratulations Czech Republic for keeping those Russians down preventing them from something like their third straight championship.

Also, the Sharks lost tonight, getting swept by the Blackhawks after blowing a 2-0 lead. This is very disappointing, but I cannot complain too much. They made it the Western Conference Finals, and if Heatley had shown up, who knows what could have been. But he didn’t show up and the result was getting swept by the Hawks.

I thought Nabokov played a good series, except for game two, just like the rest of the team, but I will not be sad to see him go next year. It might give us problems in the goaltending area, but we already have problems there. Nabby is a solid goalie, but he just does not seem able to sustain a higher level of play, much like a lot of the other members of the team. And I would much rather keep Marleau than Nabby, even if it means next year is a little more difficult, as long as we can snatch up a strong goalie and another solid defense man.  I know I said I was only blaming Heatley more than any other Shark, but I lied because I also place lots of blame on the mostly inept and mediocre play of Wallin. I hope that he too does not return to the team next season.

It’s all over but the crying and the beard shaving.

GO SHARKS! See you next year. Thank you for a great season, and a long post season. I just wish (as do all other San Jose fans) that it could have been longer.

I am not blaming Nabby anymore than I am blaming anyone else on the team (except Heatley because he had a pretty shitty series and we really could have used his goal scoring abilities). Hockey is a team sport and a team wins or loses together.

Congratulations Chicago, but I hope Philly uses you as a Zambonie.

No hard feelings. I’m sure many of you would share the same sentiment if the Sharks had won this series instead of the Hawks.