Yet one more reason to hate the Eagles

Like The Dude from The Big Lebowski, I cannot stand the Eagles. I’m talking about the rock band here, not the NFL Football team or our feathered friends who rule the sky.

Well if Don Henley, Hotel California, Dirty Laundry, and a reunion tour weren’t enough reasons for me to despise this band, I now have another one. They are playing at HP Pavilion in San Jose tonight. Why do I care? I mean, it’s not like I would be planning to go and see them if I was in the Bay Area and not the Czech Republic. So why does it bother me that they are playing at the HP Pavilion tonight?

It’s simple, really, the Sharks are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and they have home ice advantage. Game Two should have been tonight, but it wasn’t because of the fucking Eagles concert. Now I have to wait for tomorrow to watch my beloved Tiburones attempt to take a 2-0 series lead over the hated and ever dangerous Detroit Red Wings.

So what? You ask. So you have to wait another day to watch something that is ultimately meaningless. It’s not like if the game was on tonight the price of bread would be any lower. Well, the big deal is that San Jose is 9 hours behind me, so that means when they play a game with a start time of 8pm (as they will on Sunday) it is 2am for me, and I have to teach on Monday morning at 8am.

However, if those hacks who called themselves musicians weren’t playing their god-forsaken rock and roll at a  concert held in the building that houses the Sharks home ice, I could watch the game at 2am Sunday morning and still get some sleep so that I could be rested for Sunday proper. But, since they are having their exhibition of Amateurs Auditioning to be Satan’s next groupie, I have to wait until Monday morning, and once again start my week after only a few hours of sleep.

Stupid Eagles.

Go Sharks!


2 comments on “Yet one more reason to hate the Eagles

  1. mcarteratthemovies says:

    You have good taste — that’s one of my favorite clips in all of “Big Lebowski,” and it’s one that I quote all the time. I’ve long believed that The Eagles are NOT a rock band. They are singles band, and not such an original one at that!

    Also: Hey, your blog got a big ole’ makeover. I like it.

    • Yeah, it is quite a quotable scene. My other favorite is: “well, that’s like, your opinion, man.” As for the blog look, this is how it originally was and I decided it was time for a change back.

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