Period Three

Well, the Blackhawks won.


It was a tightly contested game, but they did control the puck and the play more often than the Sharks did in the final twenty minutes.

The Sharks need to figure out a way to disrupt Chicago’s cycle. It’s a monster and it needs to be taken care of. I have faith that they will find a way, though. Just like they found a way to beat Colorado’s trap in game two and beyond of that series.

And their goalie was a beast. Flash backs of Jonas Hiller the Shark Killer from last year flooded my mind as I watched the Sharks send a flurry of shots at the man, and he aptly turned them away one by one. By no means is this series over, remember they lost the first game at home against Colorado and came back to win that series in 6 games.

They play next on Tuesday and I can’t wait. Neimi (the Hawks’ goalie) can’t stay this hot all series, can he?

Oh, and Nabokov was excellent as well, he just allowed one more goal than his counterpart across the ice.

Go Sharks! Visit some revenge upon the hawks and go back to Chi-town with the series all knotted up at 1. Go Sharks!


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    Oh, and I never did thank you for adding me to your blogroll — I get a few people every day from your site.

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