To The Sharks

I know you are disappointed. I am disappointed too. No one, except the Blackhawk’s of course, wanted you to lose the first two games at home, but you did. It sucks, to be sure, but I want you to know that I still have faith in the team. As much as I want to shave my beard,not because of your play dear Sharks, but because it itches and makes girls not like me (hey I can blame the beard if I want; it’s my blog!).

However, I am willing to keep the beard if you are willing to put in a better effort than in game one. I thought you played quite well in game one and that Niemi just stole the game. That will happen and I do not fault you for that. Game two, on the other hand, was an entirely different story, at least after the first ten minutes or so. I do not want to talk anymore about it. The team knows what happened in game two and they simply have to be more concerned about it than I am, so my last thought on game two is this, and it is best expressed through video…

And now that that unpleasant business is behind us let me say, you guys can take the Blackhawks. I know it and I believe it. They are a good team, no doubt. They weren’t second in the West for no reason, and they have been playing smart consistent hockey, just the like Sharks, with the exception of a game two against Colorado here and a game four against Detroit there, have been playing so we (and by we I mean the team and its fans and detractors) know that THIS Sharks team can play collected, consistent, powerhouse hockey, and I can’t wait for you to storm into Chicago’s place, take two on the road, then come back and give it to them again in HP Pavilion, and finally close them out on the road in 6.

I know you can do it Sharkies, and when in doubt just remember these:



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