Sharks v Hawks game three period one proper

After one it is tied 0-0. Chicago has had their opps, as has San Jose. Nabby is playing a stellar game and getting help from his D. Niemi is continuing to play well (man, I so hope he starts to lose sight of the puck soon) and we are knotted up.

As well as the Sharks are playing, I would still like to seem them somehow be able to control the puck a bit and keep possession of it. I know, easier said than done. The other thing I want to see is a quicker attack. I don’t mean the speed of the shot, but rather, how fast the forwards invade the Hawks zone (that sounds kind of dirty).

Otherwise, from a fan who is awake at 2:51 am so he can watch you, keep it up Sharks. I know you can do it.

Go Sharks!

Vamanos Los Tiburones!



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