Hockey Night in the Czech Republic, or, It’s all over but the beard shaving

So tonight the Czech Republic beat Russia in the IHL Championship. At the moment this is the world around me:

Can hear the shouting from the pub across the way

The not so distant sound of fireworks.

And then an odd and creepy silence followed by the occasional hootin’ and hollerin’.

It’s kind of funny.

Congratulations Czech Republic for keeping those Russians down preventing them from something like their third straight championship.

Also, the Sharks lost tonight, getting swept by the Blackhawks after blowing a 2-0 lead. This is very disappointing, but I cannot complain too much. They made it the Western Conference Finals, and if Heatley had shown up, who knows what could have been. But he didn’t show up and the result was getting swept by the Hawks.

I thought Nabokov played a good series, except for game two, just like the rest of the team, but I will not be sad to see him go next year. It might give us problems in the goaltending area, but we already have problems there. Nabby is a solid goalie, but he just does not seem able to sustain a higher level of play, much like a lot of the other members of the team. And I would much rather keep Marleau than Nabby, even if it means next year is a little more difficult, as long as we can snatch up a strong goalie and another solid defense man.  I know I said I was only blaming Heatley more than any other Shark, but I lied because I also place lots of blame on the mostly inept and mediocre play of Wallin. I hope that he too does not return to the team next season.

It’s all over but the crying and the beard shaving.

GO SHARKS! See you next year. Thank you for a great season, and a long post season. I just wish (as do all other San Jose fans) that it could have been longer.

I am not blaming Nabby anymore than I am blaming anyone else on the team (except Heatley because he had a pretty shitty series and we really could have used his goal scoring abilities). Hockey is a team sport and a team wins or loses together.

Congratulations Chicago, but I hope Philly uses you as a Zambonie.

No hard feelings. I’m sure many of you would share the same sentiment if the Sharks had won this series instead of the Hawks.


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