Poem for the Day (Repost due to technical issues and additional thoguhts.)

This is not my poem. I didn’t write it and had nothing to do with it. I don’t even really like poetry, but I do like this one. I think it is tragically hilarious.

Baked Ziti

a couple names their child Baked Ziti
then she is orphaned
this is one example of the joke against humanity
a man beside you on the train
has been diagnosed with a learning disorder
his doctor sends him home with a pamphlet
the man struggles between station stops
to decipher “Sexy Dial,” advice for the dyslexic
written in anagrams
this is another example
the sleet pays you compliments
but to receive them you must stand outside
with your stocking cap stuffed in your coatsleeve
until your hair is crusted with ice

Jeffrey Rotter

Additional Thought: pardon the pun, but if at first you do not “get” this poem, take a moment to chew it over. Read it twice. Mull it over. Take time to digest it. It’s almost like the first oral contact on sexy parts…strange and different at first, but soon irresistible, carrying with it the question, “How could I miss something so obvious and entertaining?”

Sorry for the vulgarity and the senselessness of this additional thought, but I don’t care because of the golden rule of timbicdwiwgfyiyda (don’t ask what it stands for; your little mind could not handle the implications of the dark powers behind this seemingly nonsensical and random string of letters, which states, explicitly, “This is my blog, I can do what I want, go fuck yourself if you don’t agree.”

Again, apologies for the excessive profanity, but if you have a problem with it please address your concerns to the previous paragraph. Or you can send an email the following address: isaididontgiveafuck@eatadouchedickhole.lickmyass.com


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