Ninja Video is Gone

A long time ago I wrote a post about a streaming movie site called Well, yesterday I read that they had been shut down by the feds.

Here is the story

I am truly sad to see ninja go, and I hope those responsible for running it do not get into too much trouble. I know my previous post about ninja was a little inconsistent and complainy,  but they were valid complaints. The issues I mentioned (missing videos, ridiculously long load times) were there, but what I failed to say in a follow up post (until now) is that they eventually most of those problems and they became less frustrations and more like hiccups in the system. And as much as hiccups suck, I can bear with them because eventually they will work themselves out.

Phara, Wadsworth, Ruffii, Afrika and everyone else who was a member of team ninja I hope that you do not get into too much trouble because of this, and I would like to thank you for all of your time, effort and hard work, and for allowing me to watch American television while I am living overseas. I read in an article yesterday that Phara said, “Oh my god, if NinjaVideo goes down,a thousand others will come up.”

I know this to be true, but I will always miss ninja, even if it did mess up sometimes and cause me some frustration. It was an awesome site with a ton of shows and a quick turnaround. If a show aired at 4am my time I could watch it as early as 430am, and no later than 7am.

You were awesome Ninja. Thanks again.


2 comments on “Ninja Video is Gone

  1. TvEnthusiast says:

    This is a horrible day. I don’t support pirating, but watching all the shows online was incredibly convienient, and I always support my shows by buying the dvd sets.

    ninja video was the best.

  2. K says:

    I agree… It was the most well done site to watch free tv I’d seen, and I will truly miss ninja… Thanks ninjateam! And please, if you somehow start anew, let us kno!

    thanks again ninja, and blogger for postin this,

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