The heavy rains are back…hopefully they won’t last too long tonight…come on universe, give the people a break.

I guess I shouldn’t complain though because the rain is worse in other parts of the word, like Pakistan, for example. So yes, the Liberec region of the Czech Republic flooded on Saturday, destroying two towns and killing five people.

The storm that started twenty minutes ago and is still going seems to be a big one with thunder and lighting and a shit ton of rain. “It’s raining cats and dogs” does not begin to cover the amount of rain pouring down. “Pouring buckets” is insufficient and does a disservice to the amount of rainfall we are seeing at the moment.

Or at least that’s how it feels. To be sure, there is a a hell of a storm raging right now, but it is also true that it probably doesn’t compare to the kind of rain you would see in a hurricane or a monsoon, meaning that to anyone who has witnessed a hurricane, experienced it close up (I have not, and I don’t ever want to as exciting as it may be) I am just being a whiny little baby who’s afraid of a little rain.

But hell, there is reason to be afraid. Sure, we are not in the middle of a hurricane, but two towns flooded. I had a friend who was there. He told me stories about how the waterline was just below his nose (he is easily six feet four inches tall) and how he carried children on his shoulders across the flooded streets.

Here is a video from Frydlant shot on Saturday afternoon, before the rains really got bad.

And here is another one in a different part of town, as you can see in this one, the water seems to have gotten deeper, but there are still some dry places to stand.

Again, I know it is not as bad as Pakistan or Miami during hurricane season, but I am not in either of those places. I am here, and it is kind of scary, even though I live near the top of a hill and on the second floor of my building.

And I ask again. Universe, give us a break. (It looks like it just might because while it is still raining, it seems to be slackening, of course that is just here in Liberec proper, I have no way of knowing what is happening in the surrounding area).


2 comments on “Rain

  1. Pdub says:

    Obvious proof that “global warming” is fake.

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