The Ally Walker Response

That is how I intend to describe it when I feel the need to punch somebody, not that I normally go around feeling the need to punch people, but sometimes those animalistic urges do spring up. I always suppress them; however, I have been known to punch inanimate objects when the normal breathing/counting to ten trick does not work.

But why “The Ally Walker Response?” I can hear some of you asking. Well, it’s simple really. She plays a recurring character on a television show called “Sons of Anarchy,” and every time she gets ready to speak she takes a deep short breath. And I mean, every time. It’s a super annoying verbal tick that she has always had, but it is exaggerated to the nth degree on the show, and now whenever her character appears on-screen I just want to punch the said screen.

She is pretty, but that does not change the fact that her breathing gimmick is uber-irritating.


6 comments on “The Ally Walker Response

  1. SAMCRO4LIFE says:

    Maybe its to power up her deep scraggly voice. Maybe if she didnt do that she would actually sound like a woman. She is kinda hot though. & her character on Sons of anarchy only helped the show i’d say

  2. James says:

    I just googled “Ally Walker annoying breathing” to see if anyone else was bothered by it. I love the show, but that shit is driving me nuts.

  3. Danielle says:

    I just googled the same thing. Her breathing is so annoying. I hate it when she comes on screen now because I anticipate it! Isn’t that acting 10, learning how to breath between lines???

  4. Cedric says:

    I could forgive the breathing if she was a good actor, but she isn’t. I could also forgive the breathing if the character was well written, but it isn’t. One of her first lines on the show was “You’re not the brightest fig in the newton”. That’s such a bad line I hardly know where to begin with it. Whoever wrote it obviously thinks it is clever and witty, and the actress (i refuse to speak/type her name) somehow made it even worse with her performance. She, like 99% of the actors in the world, gets by on looks, because she has zero acting talent. This is a brutal cycle; she started with no talent, and never had to develop any because she gets cast on looks, and on it goes until she comes onto Sons of Anarchy and fucks the enjoyment out of every scene she is in.

  5. Moot says:

    It drives me nuts! Great show but she kills it

  6. Jon says:

    Shit I thought I was alone on this lol!

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