Things that bother me #456789345

In no particular order I present to you, my few and faithful readers, things that bother me. These will be accompanied by further commentary as I deem fit.

*When I am sitting on the tram, listening to music on my ipod and reading a book. Obviously, I have shut myself off from the rest of the world, and I would like to keep it that way so don’t come up and start to talk to me because then I feel like I have to respond, or rather I feel that if I don’t respond then I am just being a dick, and while I so often want to be a dick, more times than not I just can’t go through with it.

*When people post something on their own facebook wall and then “like” it. I get it, you like it. If you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t have posted it to your own wall, or if you did, you would have given some comment or reason stating your dislike for whatever item you posted.

*The fact that I am not a part of this club, though I so desperately want to be.

*When someone tries to tell me about a movie that I want to see but haven’t, and they don’t listen to me when I ask and then tell them not say anything more because I am going to watch it and I don’t want it spoiled. If I wanted it spoiled I would just go online and find out everything about it so I wouldn’t even have to see the movie, but since I did not do those things, it is easy to infer that I DO NOT WANT the movie spoiled. Talk about eliciting the Ally Walker response.

*Green Day

*Any movie by Judd Apatow (or whatever the hell that guy’s name is), mainly because I think he relies too much on dick jokes and bro love which just tends to make all of his movies feel the same. It’s like, oh here’s some schlub who has terrible friends who are terrible to him and each other, throw in a love interest–one who is a little dirty herself, but more like just an afterthought and has to bear the brunt of misogyny masquerading as comedy. But hell, people seem to love his movies, and his type of movies

*The compulsion to finish a book once I have started it, no matter how much I am not enjoying it. Case in point, currently I am reading Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas by Tom Robbins. Now lots of people seem to love Robbins, and get a kick out of him. The only other book by him that I have read is Another Roadside Attraction, and while I found it to be enjoyable, it tried my nerves and made me decide that one book by him was enough for me. So why am I reading another one? Well, apparently I just didn’t learn my lesson, and now I am more than halfway through another one of his repetitive, look at me I’m so clever and funny and crazy, novels and as uninterested as I am in its plot or characters or themes, I can’t just toss it to the side, forever to remain unfinished. The only thing to do now is read it as quickly as I can and be done with it.

*Stupid people, like in the video below–not the girl, but the ones who gave her the gun without properly instructing her on how to hold it when she shot it. Or maybe they did, and in that case they are all stupid, including the girl, for not making sure the lesson stuck.

I guess that is it for now, but don’t worry, I am sure I will find other things that bother me, and soon.


5 comments on “Things that bother me #456789345

  1. Adrienne says:

    I hope you won’t hold it against me though that I love the movie 40-Year-Old Virgin and the (now defunct) TV show Freaks and Geeks?

    The rest of it, I pretty much get 🙂

  2. britneylynne says:

    I agree with Freaks and Geeks. And 40 Year Old Virgin. Everything after that just keeps going downhill. I feel dumber, and that I have lost precious hours of my life by watching his other movies.(Ex: Get Him To The Greek. I can not understand why people think that movie is so funny. It’s super laaame. And by adding extra a’s in Lame, it just goes to show just how stupid I think it was.)
    And dude. How stupid was that chick?? And the dudes who gave her a gun. At least she didn’t bite her tongue off, I guess…..

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