Feel the power of the sun

Mr. Burns got it right when he said, “Since the dawn of time, mankind has dreamed of destroying the sun.” (Or something to that affect)

And now (well a couple of weeks ago, I suppose) the city of Las Vegas, Nevada has just given us one more reason to believe those words of wisdom spoken by Springfield’s evilest resident. Do you doubt that he’s evil? Just watch this.

As the article states, “death ray” may be a bit of a misnomer, but only for as long as it takes the U.S. Military to adapt this idea for war, which won’t be long at all, especially considering the locations of the wars we are fighting. Just think about it–Iraq and Afghanistan are places of extreme heat and desert. Lots and lots of sand and lots and lots of sun. What does extreme heat do to sand? Oh that’s right, it turns it into glass. And what does glass do to sun? Well, it reflects it, of course.

Now just think if we had a weapon that would not only turn the battle surface into one smooth window that reflected the sun’s rays upward, potentially melting everything it shone upon, or at the very least giving everyone a real bad sunburn and causing at least temporary blindness.

Now, I know that a large magnifying glass probably wouldn’t be enough to raise the temperature to the point where sand melted into glass, but with the technology available today, and whatever technology comes tomorrow, it is not too far fetched to think that we will, one day soon, be able to harness the sun as a weapon, one that would only work on sunny days true, but a powerful weapon when it did work, and we have the designers of that crazy window filled hotel in Sin City to thank for it.



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