Waiting for Sharks

Hockey season is officially underway. Some teams have played as many as four games (I’m looking at you Washington), while others have played only two, back to back, and in Europe of all places. Yes, now I am talking about my beloved Sharks, Tiborunes, Zraloci, boys in teal–call them what you want, just please, don’t call them chokers because that avenue of comedy is dustier than the Pyramid of Giza.

The Sharks played their first two games against Columbus in Stockholm, Sweden. They won the first game and dropped the second. Both games ended with a score of 3-2 (though the Blue Jackets did need overtime to score that third goal and take home the two points, but hey, the Sharks still got one). Those games took place on Friday, October 8th and  Saturday, October 9th. They have not played since then. It has been almost a week and I have what you might call ants in the pants.

For me the season hasn’t officially started. They have played two games, but I did not see either of them. They next play on Saturday, October 16th, and brothers and sisters, Saturday cannot come soon enough. After four months of waiting for hockey to return and one more chance to watch Marleau, Murray, Pavelski, Thornton, Vlasic et al… make another run at the cup, hockey is finally here, but not really. By Saturday, most teams will have played four games, and some might be playing their fifth game on Saturday.

I call unfairness and shenanigans on the scheduler and those who think it’s a good idea for some teams to open the season in Europe. True, I am in Europe at the moment, but that just makes it worse. Stockholm is expensive, and the tickets to the game were also expensive. I wanted to go to at least one of the games. To see the Sharks in Europe? That would have been tits. Wish in one hand…. So I couldn’t go to the game, but at least I had the opportunity to watch it online, right? Somebody somewhere has to be streaming it seems like a reasonable assumption to make for a season opener “across the pond” as someone might say, if they were trying to be all old-timey, when referring to Europe while they are in the States. Well it turns out what they say about “assume” is true, when you assume that a hockey game will be streamed it will not be.

So no Sharks hockey live, no internet feed that would have allowed me to watch it from the comfort of my bed as I drank tea and basked in the glory of the speed and physicality of the best sport on earth, and now  I have to wait two more days before I can finally watch a Sharks 2010-2011 regular season game. (Though this guy wasn’t talking about the Sharks specifically, he says it better than I ever could, so read here to read his words.)

So until Saturday (Sunday morning, actually, at 4:30–probably more like 445) I must languish in the purgatory known as “hockey season has started but my team has not been playing.”

Jit Zraloky


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