Something else from Prague

In Prague there is this thing called the Astronomical Clock.

Read about it here.

I have seen the clock many times, but I have yet to actually see it ring. I’m always too late or too early, and there are always too many people in that part of the city to just hang around and wait for some clock to do its thing.

Well, recently it celebrated its 600th anniversary of existence (are clocks like beer? Do they have a born on date?) and, you guessed it, I missed that too. However, I did see this video of the celebrations, and I must say I find it to be pretty damn cool, and now I wish I would have known it was going on because I may have tried to go. Actually, it happened last weekend, and while I was in Prague on Saturday evening (when the festivities took place), I was only there late in the evening because I had spent all day riding on a train, hiking 9km and drinking burcak. It was all very fun and I will probably write a blog post about it since it has been a while since I wrote anything about traveling and that’s kind of what this blog was supposed to originally be about.

Oh, and that reminds me, I never blogged about my various adventures in Ukraine or in Berlin.

Hmm… I suppose I will have to get on that sometime.

Anyway, here is the video of the clock. Yes, it’s over nine minutes, but it is quite a sight to behold, so at least give it a chance and watch the first three minutes.

The last time I posted a video about something happening in Praha, the video was taken down. I will take this opportunity to briefly describe that video. There were two Czech men in a dispute over a car or a parking spot or something (it’s really hard to tell since I don’t speak the language) and they yelled at each other quite a bit. Then one of them went to his car and returned with a SWORD. Yes, you read that right. The man without a sword retreated into his car, which sword wielding maniac then decided to smash with his bladed weapon. Then the whole thing just kind of ends.

And now finally, without further ado and for realsies this time, the astronomical clock’s 600 year celebration.


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