Kicking Ass and Grading Tests

The second wave of tests is upon us at TUL, and boy howdy are there a lot of them. By the end of the day tomorrow I will have approximately 125 tests to grade by next week. By the end of the day on Thursday, I will not only have approx 125 tests to grade, but I will also have somewhere in the vicinity of 40 cause and effect essays to read. It’s a lot of work, and it is very time consuming.
Grading the tests is easy…just follow the key, but even on the tests there is room for interpretation, especially when the students have to actually write something, and not just choose A B C D, or some other combination of multiple choice letters because there is a good chance that the student will supply a correct answer, but one that is not in the key. This attention to detail and deciding whether or not an answer is acceptable slows the process down even further.

I want to make it clear that I am not complaining. Giving and grading tests is part of the job. I know that and I accept that. I am merely commenting on the fact that it takes time to get through them all. It takes a lot of time. Just like they say in the song.

Of course, I mean, it’s like what they say in the song figuratively. Because I got my mind set on correcting the tests and being as accurate as possible in doing so, while also being aware that there are other, possible answers beyond just what is in the key. And it takes a whole lot of time. I guess it takes money, but only because time is money, or if you wanted a real monetary cost then I suppose you could count the cost of printing the tests in the first place. That takes a lot of time AND money. So, knowing it would take up a lot of hours and eat heavily into my relaxation time I got proactive on those punk tests.

I gave two tests yesterday. During the first test I read from this book and monitored the students to make sure they weren’t cheating. During the next class, and the next test, I corrected the previous class’ tests and monitored for cheating. In the hour and half I was not able to correct all 25 tests from my first class, but I got darn close. Within three or four, I think.

Then I had office hours, so I finished correcting the three or four that I had not corrected, and started in on the second batch of tests. Well, those were almost completely graded yesterday, and I finished them this morning during the third test of the week.

What all this means is simply that I have already graded about 42 of the 125 or so tests that I will be facing, and since there are more tests tomorrow, I will have a chance to knock out somewhere between 30 and 55 more tests, leaving me in the manageable range of 25 give or take a couple.

So the point is, I have been kicking the hell out of these tests, and my students having been doing too bad either. The tests are difficult and long, but they are hanging in there.

Anyway, just thought I’d share this randomness.


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