Anne Hathaway to play Catwoman.

The subject of this post if of little to no import, but be that as it may, I could not in good conscience let this article go unaddressed.

Warning: The title and the above misdirects, and they are the only things in this post that relate to Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.
Two things:
1: Bane is not an “obscure character” in the Batman universe. True, he has only been around for for 17-18 years, and in terms of Batman that is a very short time, but this is the dude that broke Batman’s back and helped Lex Luthor take over Gotham City after it had been devastated by a massive earthquake (Don’t Ask).

I am willing to grant that the majority of movie goers do not know who Bane is, as demonstrated by the increase of searches for him, but the Bat-movie verse is not the end all be all of the entire bat-verse.

There’s a whole slew of Batman and Batman related titles that released every week and month, and they have these people called READERS (they used to be called collectors but since it’s not cool to collect things anymore, unless it’s the souls of innocents, READER has now, as of this writing, officially taken its proper place in the nerd vernacular to describe those who enjoy comics) and there are a lot of them. Sure, there aren’t as many reader as there are movie watchers, but it seems very difficult to believe that fewer than 70% of those readers would know who Bane is. Hell, even if it clocked in at 50% he would still not be an obscure character in the Bat-verse. Now Bat Mite or Deadshot... now those guys are obscure (and before anyone goes and says something stupid like “Deadshot isn’t a Bat-villain” I say shut up, it says so right there on the Wiki page that he is. Deadshot may not be a recurring rogue for Batman, but the two have tangled more than a carpenter’s dozen, so I see nothing wrong with placing him in Batman’s rogues gallery. Besides, if Batman is not Deadshot’s enemy, who or what is? Well, I suppose it could be his ultra-douchery, but I don’t think so.

And as far as Bat Mite goes, nobody knows what the hell he is (hey lay off with all that “but it says right there on Wikipedia, don’t you know that shit can be hacked and that you shouldn’t just blindly trust what you read on the internet?) let alone who he is–see I was making a point.

2: The ignorance of the author of this article concerning Batman notwithstanding–I enjoyed Hardy’s performance in Inception so at least Bane should be bolstered by that, and I wonder if Nolan is going to tell his own version of Knightfall.


3 comments on “Anne Hathaway to play Catwoman.

  1. Adrienne says:

    Ohhh, I would be very interested in seeing Nolan’s take on Knightfall! (so long as it doesn’t stray into Az-Bats territory. No need to go there)

    And I agree with you on Bane. Sure, obscure to the general public, but definitely not obscure to those who read comics. Heck, right now he’s one of the main characters in Secret Six. With Deadshot no less 🙂

    PS I am in favour of Anne Hathaway being Catwoman. ‘Cause I know you need to know my opinion on this. LOL.

    • I knew as soon as I wrote Deadshot I should have gone with Hugo Strange or something, but by then I had already committed so…. And yeah, I have no problem with Hathaway as Catwoman, and I agree that it would be cool to see Nolan’s rendition of Knightfall–as long as Azreal stays out of the picture.

  2. kennv says:

    Plus Batman the Animated Series…. Still a lot of grown ups that grew up watching that show.

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