Seto nets a hat trick

Devin Setoguchi scored his first career hat trick last night as the San Jose Sharks clobbered the Colorado Avalanche 4-0 in the Shark Tank.

It warms my heart to see Seto picking it up–he has had, to put it mildly, lubricious (and not in the smooth or sexy meaning of the word) season thus far–but over the past twelve games he has earned twelve points and looks like he is finally starting to shed his mercurial ways and find some consistency to his game. Sure, he could easily slip back into his old ways, as sharksfan over at writes about in this post from December, in which he calls Seto out for his lack of reliability and likens him to another fan favorite who after a Rocket Rashard winning season petered out and when no where. Fear the Fin takes issue with that comparison, though, as see here.

It is probably too early to call this a comeback for Setoguchi, but I hope that soon it will be a comeback, or return, to proper form for Seto.

Other notes and random thoughts about the game and the Sharks in general.
Torrey Mitchell played a solid game last night, though he didn’t get any points.

Ian White looks like he will be a valuable addition to the team as he was on the ice for both power play goals and even had an assist. Right now he is a point a game player with the San Jose Sharks. Keep it up, White, I expect you to have at least 22 points with the Sharks by the end of the season.

Despite the fact the Sharks won 4-0, they had a lackluster second period in which Colorado outshot them by something ridiculous like 11-4 and this type of thing could be cause for concern as Los Tiburones try to stay in the playoff picture–they’re 4th in the west right now, but that really means nothing. Just look at the standings!–as the games will become even tighter and Niemi (who has been superb as of late, almost allowing me to forgive him for single-handedly killing the Sharks last May/June) will have to stand on his head even more than he is now. Not to say that he won’t be able to do that, but it would be nice if the Sharks could limit the amount of shots taken by opponents through the novel use of…playing in the opponent’s zone instead of their own.

HTML continues to struggle to get points, but they put in a solid effort last night and hopefully with continued hard work and effort the goals and points will start to materialize for them. Logan Coture also didn’t score a goal, but he did pick up an assist and played hard.

This truly was a great game, even if the Avs aren’t the team they were last year, and with the exception of a scary second period the Sharks played smart, skated hard, and got the win. And as a fan, that’s all I can really ask for.


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