While reading the game day thread for the Sharks versus the Predators over at Fear the Fin today (the Sharks won on an overtime goal by Marleau. YAY MARLEAU!!!!!!!!) I came across this picture.

Yes, that is a cheeseburger with donuts for the buns. It is called a Luther Burger and masters of the universe help me it looks kind of intriguing and I have a strange desire to try one. Sure, it looks disgusting and there is absolutely no way it has any redeeming nutritional value (except maybe the protein from the burger, but there are better, non-artery clogging ways to meet our daily dietary protein needs), but I would bet that it tastes surprisingly delicious. Salty and sweet tend to go together, and this burger appears to have both in spades, especially when bacon and cheese are added.

I don’t think I could eat a whole one though, whether or not I wanted to. One bite, just a taste of decadence would be more than enough for me and even then only to satiate the once in a blue moon cravings I get for something completely unhealthy and greasy and all around gross. It’s not that I eat super healthy all of the time, but for the most part I try to eat mostly right. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables as well as nuts. Of course I also have those days where I’ll make this with twice the amount of sausage, but even then I try to accompany it with some kind of vegetable dish. I don;t eat a lot of candy or sweets but I have been known to crush a half liter of ice cream no problem. And I drink a lot of beer. The point is, I try to eat healthy and I usually do, but every once in a while the desire for something so outrageous and and vomit inducing takes hold in me and I think the Luther Burger would be an excellent choice to satisfy such cravings.

But since donuts and hamburgers are kind of hard to come by in the Czech Republic I don’t have to worry about actually trying one, and I bet by the time I return to the States and have a chance to taste this silent assassin I will have forgotten completely about it.


4 comments on “Tasty

  1. matthias says:

    mmm donuts…

  2. britneylynne says:

    Oh my. That looks soo gross on so many levels… Hahahaha!!! But then quite intriguing… Too bad there is meat on it. 😀

  3. Martina says:

    I would try one too!! I think it would actually taste great!:-)

  4. Totally gross, I’ll make one with Bison burger when you get back home. The buns will be Expresso rolls instead of Donuts and hold the mayo!

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