Watch this video.

Did you watch it? If not, you really should, otherwise this post is not going to make much sense because I don’t feel like recapping. But this is the internet and the video is ten minutes long, so maybe I should do a little recapping.

On second thought I am not going to. Watch the video.

Maddow’s claims may seem outrageous and overblown, but once the lawyers get involved (and you had better believe they are, politicians and rich people love lawyers) they become terrifying, plain and simple.
Birth control should not be banned for anyone and that is exactly what these types of bills will do. Well that, and send women’s rights straight back to the dark ages. How long would it take to strip women of their right to vote vote, after once again reducing them to nothing more than baby factories?

What Maddow should have pointed out was that if the bill in Mississippi, and others like it, become law the only form of birth control would be the condom and we all know how guys feel about them (or at least are supposed to feel about them, personally, I don’t hate or even mind condoms). But there is the women’s condom, and it seems to work like the male condom, that is it prevents sperm from going anywhere near an egg, unlike hormonal birth control. At least that is how I understand it, though admittedly I could be missing/misinterpreting something (but I really really don’t think I am. I would not bet my life on it, but I would bet my left pinkie toe). If you would like to know more about it, here you go.

So we all know that the knock against condoms is the loss of sensation. I can’t feel anything with a condom! is the oft heard cry from both sexes. Now just imagine if the only form of birth control available were condoms. Just think of all the feeling-less (see what I did there) sex you would be having, unless of course you were either willing to break the law by using hormonal birth control (Oh Christ is it just one big Big Pharma conspiracy? Think of all the money to be made on the contraceptive black market!) or risk getting pregnant.

I say Maddow should have made that point because it would be enough for all the men in the land to make sure this bill dies a long slow death.